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In house licence verification – cost effective?

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Internal costs will reduce by using Licence Bureau – cost analysis carried out by clients we operate with show that internal methods of licence verification can cost between £19 – £21 per driver per annum.

This comprises of :

Resource man hours per week to manage a scheme.

1. Establishing a robust process

2. Contacting drivers

3. Chasing drivers to provide copies of licence and counterpart

4. Chasing stragglers two or three times to comply

5. Managing non-compliant drivers

6. Drivers time off road providing documents (loss of productivity)

7. Logging licence and counterpart detail as part of a robust process

8. Providing audit documents in the event of incidents

9. Reporting results for MI

10. Insurer requirements to have 6 monthly licence verification

11. Internal requirements to have 6 monthly licence verification

Understanding whether a licence and counterpart is actually valid and up to date.

Managing invalid licences, discussions with drivers, next steps.

Insurers are keen for organisations to invest in risk based work related road safety schemes (WRRS) such as driver licence verification

1. Incentives from insurers can be negotiated

2. Examples of premium reductions of between 11-13% can be agreed

3. Greater savings can be made as part of wider WRRS programmes – e.g. employee & driver risk assessments, driver training (online/road), compliance with H&S executive legislation etc.

Licence Bureau ultimately will deliver to you a robust process, audit and fully managed service.

All we require to set your scheme up is:

  • · Approved and signed T&Cs
  • · Provide us with a list of drivers you wish to add to the scheme
  • · Agree the driver enrolment method – e mail / postal / internal issuing
  • · Approve a driver invite communication provided by ourselves
  • · Let us then manage your scheme eradicating much of the internal tasks you currently experience

If you would just like to know about how any of our services could help meet your organisation’s objectives, drop us a line.

Licence Bureau is now part of the TTC Group