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Drink Drive courseDrink Drive course

Drink driving course

Course for drink drive offenders

Get your licence back sooner after a drink drive conviction

By informing the court you want to take a TTC approved drink drive course (known as a course for drink drive offenders in Northern Ireland) you could shorten your driving ban by up to 25%.

In a series of supportive, non-judgemental sessions, the course helps people found guilty of drink driving to better understand the effects of alcohol, recognise the consequences of offending, take personal responsibility and make long-lasting positive changes.

Over 99% of people who take the course say it has changed their behaviour and research shows participants are between two and three times less likely to reoffend.

Location: Online and classroom venues nationwide

Duration: 16 hours over a minimum of three sessions spread over at least 14 days

Price: Dependent on country

No test involved

Flexible payment options available

Online courses available seven days a week

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Reduce the length of your ban by up to 25%

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Training delivered online or at venues local to you

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Helps to avoid increased insurance costs

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Qualify for free anxiety-management support

We are UK-wide, there’s always a course near you

Four things to remember when preparing for court


You or your solicitor must ask the court to refer you to a drink driving course at your hearing.


You must ask for the course at your court hearing. You can’t make up your mind later.


Once you nominate TTC as your course provider, we’ll send instructions on how to book.


You must book and complete the course in good time to get your ban reduced.

Learning points

Using a range of interactive presentations, discussions, and activities, participants will be encouraged to recognise the problems associated with drink driving, take personal responsibility, and address their behaviour in relation to drinking and driving.

There are no pass or fail examinations, but everyone is expected to participate to the best of their ability and make a positive contribution.  Over 99% of people completing their drink drive course with TTC reported a more positive attitude towards alcohol and safer driving.

Once the course is over, people are encouraged to join our additional free anxiety management course, devised and run by a professional therapist, to give even more opportunities to address the underlying factors that resulted in their conviction.  

Over 16 hours of engaging activities and group discussion, TTC ‘s expert, supportive, non-judgemental trainers will help people understand:

  • The impact of alcohol use in relation to driving
  • The potential impact of drink driving on you and others
  • Drink driving law including the legal alcohol limits
  • How alcohol impairs safe & responsible driving
  • The broader health aspects of alcohol consumption
  • Alcohol use in general and in relation to driving
  • Accepting responsibility & accountability for your actions
  • Deciding to change
  • Setting goals to achieve change
  • Recognising the triggers / barriers to change
  • Developing strategies for overcoming those barriers

In research commissioned by the Department for Transport (DfT), the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) found people who did not take a drink drive course were between two and three times more likely to reoffend than those who had.

Police Officer Belfast Northern Ireland 24 Nov 2016

Don’t just take it from us

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Course information

This course is designed for people who have been referred to attend a course during their court appearance. If you do not get a referral during your court appearance, you will not be able to get a referral at a later date. It is possible to do the course as a voluntary referral to gain education and skills to avoid being convicted again, but this will not entitle you to the early return of your licence.

Can I change my course booking?

Yes, you can change the time, date and venue of the course once you have booked. However, there is a charge incurred for changing your booking (see below) which is outlined in our terms and conditions.

If you wish to alter/cancel your course date and time within:

  • 14 days of your original booking is free of charge/full course fee refunded.  Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, you have the right to cancel your course within 14 days (the ‘Cancellation Period’) from the date on which you booked the course.  However, your right to cancel and obtain a full refund will be lost if you book a course date during the Cancellation Period (in these circumstances you are entitled to a partial refund of £75.00 and you are required to contact TTC to arrange this).
  • From 15 days after your booking but more than 21 days prior to the first date of your course, there is a £30 rearrangement/cancellation fee.
  • Non-attendance, without prior notice, or less than 21 days prior to the first date of your course, there is a £75 rearrangement/cancellation fee.
  • The above rearrangements of courses are subject to sufficient time allowed before your completion date.

We will make every effort to run all scheduled courses, however, if demand for a course is very low it will be cancelled.  If this happens, we will give you at least 20 days’ notice of cancellation.  You will then be offered alternative dates (if you have allowed enough time) before the completion date, set by the court at the time of sentence.

What is a drink drive rehabilitation course like?

The interactive workshop is relaxed with an informative mix of presentations, discussions, and activities facilitated by a licensed trainer. There is no court or police involvement. It is offered online or in a classroom. It is a theory-only course with no test.

Original photo ID

You must show a photo ID in order to attend a session. This must be an original physical document; digital copies will not be accepted. If you do not have photographic ID, you must bring along with you two other forms of identification such as a recent utility bill, bank statement and/or debit/credit card. Failure to produce a valid ID will lead to your exclusion from the course. Every effort will be made to offer an alternative date, provided there is sufficient availability and time within the deadline but a further rearrangement fee will be required. If you are attending an online session, the trainer will check your photo ID in a private virtual room. Check our terms and conditions for more details.

How much does a drink driving course cost?

From January 1 2024 the course fees and concessions are as follows:


  • Full course fee £160.00 or flexible payment plan 4 x £40.00.
  • Early Bird offer (booked within 30 days of sentencing).  Full course fee £128.
  • Evening and weekend courses charged at full price of £185.00.
  • Early Bird offer for evening and weekend bookings £153.00.


  • Full course fee £170.00 or flexible payment plan 4 x £42.50.
  • Early Bird offer (booked within 30 days of sentencing).  Full course fee £136.
  • Evening and weekend courses charged at full price of £195.00.
  • Early Bird offer for evening and weekend bookings £161.00.


  • Full course fee £150.00 or flexible payment plan 4 x £37.50.
  • Evening and weekend courses charged at full price of £175.00.

Northern Ireland:

  • Full course fee £155.00 (including evenings and weekends) or flexible payment plan 4 x £38.75.
  • Concessionary rate (unemployed and full-time students, call for eligibility) £110 or flexible payment plan 4 x £27.50.

We accept payments by all major debit and credit cards, cheques, postal orders, banker’s drafts, cash, BACS transfer and mobile banking apps.

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Bringing an interpreter

The course is only available in English and Welsh languages. If you think your English language skills might restrict your ability to complete the course, or affect your experience, we recommend you make arrangements for an interpreter to help you. They must be over 18 years old. Although it is your responsibility to do this, we will need to know who this person is as they will also need to provide ID. Check out our advice page for all the information you need.

How long is a drink driving course?

The full course consists of 16 hours taught time, spread over several sessions. The minimum time to complete all sessions is 14 days, but most TTC courses take place over four weeks. There will be a time limit for completing the course, which is set by the court.

Each session starts promptly, so remember you need to be settled and ready to start at the time stated on your joining instructions. We work under strict guidance issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and you may be turned away and asked to rebook – assuming there is time. An additional fee will usually be incurred.

Can attending a drink driving rehabilitation course reduce my driving ban?

Yes. Normally, successfully completing an approved DDRS or CDDO course could help you reduce your driving ban by up to a quarter. It is up to the court, but you must tell the court you intend to do a course and nominate TTC at your hearing. You can’t opt for it later.

How to book a drink driving course

Booking is easy and you can do it as soon as you receive your letter from us, which will contain your unique reference number. Simply press the Book now button anywhere on this page and it will take you to our booking portal.

We advise people to complete the course as soon as they can and avoid leaving it to the last minute as work, family commitments or illness may prevent you completing the required number of sessions within the time limit set by the court.

Arriving at your course

It is vital to be at your course on time for registration as late arrivals may be turned away. We work under strict guidance and you may need to rebook – assuming there is time. An additional fee will usually be incurred. We recommend ​arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each session of the course to successfully complete the course registration process.

We also recommend that if you are attending an online session you sign in early. The trainer will check your photo ID in a private virtual room and register you on the course.

Check the terms and conditions for more details.

Locations, dates & times

We offer a comprehensive choice of course dates, locations and start times, including online and at evenings and weekends. This gives you the best opportunity of completing your course within the date limit set by your referring court.

Areas covered

TTC delivers courses across the UK online and at locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Getting online

Your course will be delivered online via the Zoom platform. We’ll send your joining instructions by email/SMS within 24 hours of the course starting. This will include the meeting link along with the unique meeting ID and password.

We’ve got a range of great support and materials to help even the least confident computer user get online successfully. Take a look at our online help page for FAQs and a step-by-step guide. If you’re still having technical difficulties with Zoom, you can contact our dedicated Online Course Support Team directly via email using

Accommodating people with additional needs

We will make every effort to accommodate any special requirements you have, providing we have been notified of your requests in advance. If you have already booked and haven’t yet informed us of any special requirements you have, please contact us.

Terms & conditions

Click here to download and read our complete terms and conditions for this course.

Got another question?

We have a huge number of answers to your questions. Check out our special page for FAQs and other resources.

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