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Driver risk assessment

Use the power of data to pinpoint your riskiest drivers and positively intervene with effective personalised training

Is one of your drivers a speeding ticket from being banned?

The data-driven risk profiling in TTC’s Continuum platform tells you exactly who your riskiest drivers are and intervenes directly with personalised training, so you only get involved when you need to.

Continuum profiles each driver in about 10 minutes; using an online questionnaire and data from other connected sources, such as penalty points and telematics, to score risk in four key areas – personal traits, driving history, knowledge, and vehicle & environment.

Then, it automatically selects personalised training from its large library of engaging eLearning modules and videos to drive risk down, and dynamically adjusts their score when the training is done. 

Get a snapshot of your organisation’s overall driver risk score, or the personal risk scores of any individual who drives for you. There’s minimal admin and a complete end-to-end audit trail. You input the driver details and we take it from there.

Feel the full power of Continuum by combining TTC’s individual driver assessments with one of our other services, like Permit to Drive or a complete fleet survey, and make it part of your organisation’s bespoke driver policy.

Proactively intervene on your risky drivers

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Enjoy peace of mind on duty of care.
Expertly pinpoint risks with market-leading algorithms based on Department for Transport data, and designed by industry experts and data scientists.

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Don’t waste unnecessary time reducing risk.
Save time on training and admin by letting Continuum automate driver learning, track completion and amend risk profiles.

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Never get caught off your guard.
Access your drivers risk profiles 24/7 through intuitive reports, and get automatic alerts when something needs your immediate attention.

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Improve accuracy with enhanced data.
Integrate data from eDeclarations, compliance checks and other connected sources to improve profiling accuracy.

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Safeguard your business reputation.
Every risk, advisory, action and completed eLearning module is documented in Continuum as part of an end-to-end-audit trail.

Tell us about your driver management requirements. We are here to help, let us check your drivers and vehicles are compliant.

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Your driver risk questions answered

What is the law around driver risk assessments?

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers have a ‘duty of care’ towards their employees at work as well as other people who may be affected by their business activities.  In the case of driving, this potentially includes all road users.

In addition, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require employers to carry out risk assessments. They must also make arrangements to implement necessary measures, appoint competent people and arrange appropriate information and training. 

How do TTC’s individual driver risk assessments help employers fulfil their HSE duty of care requirements?

The safe management of any organisation’s driver community should start by assessing the individual risks and characteristics of each driver. This is often done as part of a TTC fleet safety survey.

TTC’s risk profiling process is underpinned by the latest research data from the Department for Transport and is best in class. The ongoing tailored driver training and enhanced data management insight is fully tracked and auditable. It provides evidence and assurance to help anyone managing driver risk and supports post incident investigations.

Why is driver risk profiling important?

The ability to perform and understand accurate driver risk assessments helps organisations of any size and type keep a full audit trail of compliance, a key requirement of a company’s ‘duty of care’ compliance (HSE). 

The risk score profile forms a crucial element of each driver’s compliance check as well as the organisation’s overall compliance status.

How is the risk score calculated?

Each driver is asked to complete a 40-question driver risk profile online, gathering accurate data on key themes: driver information, history, knowledge, vehicle and environment.

Our market-leading risk algorithms pinpoint potential risks for each individual and generate a unique driver profile with an accurate and transparent profile score. This can be combined with dynamic telematics data via our app for greater accuracy.

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Based on well publicised academic research data from DfT collision stats, the system then automatically recommends appropriate action to manage risk. This includes bespoke eLearning delivered to the driver’s smartphone, tablet or desktop via our driver management platform.

All identified risks, advisories and recommended eLearning forms a fully documented audit trail.

The driver risk profile is dynamic and will reflect current learning status and other data in real time, so it is always accurate. It can also be combined with other products on the TTC Continuum platform to improve compliance, such as being incorporated into a Permit to Drive.

Does a licence check affect my driver risk profile?

Yes, the very first step in managing any organisation’s driver compliance starts by verifying each driver’s driving licence, confirming that the licence is current and that the driver is permitted to drive in the UK.

Following completion of the online eDeclaration, all driving licence check results are instantly recorded on each driver’s risk profile within the Continuum platform, providing a dynamic risk profile score.

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Concerned about driver risk in your business? Talk to us about reducing your exposure and safeguarding more than just your duty of care.

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