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Benefits for police forces

That includes over 2 million hours of training a year for the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme alone, effectively reducing offending across 15 UK police force areas.

Our interactive and engaging workshops are facilitated by expert communicators who are licensed to deliver courses designed by psychologists and behaviour change experts. The courses are flexible and easy to book with availability seven days a week.

Clear, engaging and practical, with a range of payment options and friendly customer support, the National Speed Awareness Course is consistently rated highly by participants and police.

We offer friendly customer support, technical help and fair and transparent policies including flexible payment options and speedy dispute resolution.

Largest UK online road safety course provider
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We deliver proven behaviour change and restorative justice with super-simple referrals and reporting for reduced admin as well as outstanding customer satisfaction. No wonder more UK police forces choose TTC than any other provider.

Our trusted relationships with forces reach back over decades so we know what matters. We handle everything ourselves to reduce the set-up and administrative burden on your stretched resources.

Whether it’s interfacing with UKROEd systems, managing the end-to-end delivery of out of court disposals or simply taking care of bookings for non-profit third-party providers, we provide super-streamlined referrals, complete customer and complaint management and timely management information which meets your needs.

Police force courses offered

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Effective and engaging behaviour change courses, coupled with nationwide trainers, venues and support systems.

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We help build safer communities by developing innovative road safety initiatives for police commissioners and partners.

Don’t just take it from us

Read what drivers thought about attending one of our courses.

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If your provider contract is due for renewal, you’re thinking of offering out of court disposals or would just like to know about how any of our services could help meet your objectives, drop us a line.