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Anxiety management course

A better way to manage anxiety

The 5-day video course will give subscribers practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help you overcome the types of anxiety which can lead to overuse of alcohol and help them feel more calm, confident, and in control.

The course is easy to follow and takes just a few minutes per day. It includes a guided relaxation meditation audio (MP3) to help deeply relax mind and body as well as regular ongoing tips.

Location: Online video

Duration: A series of short videos sent one per day over five days to watch at your own speed

Price: Free

Audio relaxation recording is included

Ongoing newsletter, Calm Mind – Relaxed Body

TTC discount on personal breathalysers

Working out exactly how many units of alcohol you’ve consumed and the time elapsed since you drank them is next to impossible and not worth the risk.

Personal Breathalysers can be used for self testing on the day after having consumed alcohol. Providing you with an estimated level of alcohol (if present), in the bloodstream. Personal Breathalysers are not a tool to predict your competence to drive. Alcohol levels often increase in the body as it absorbs into the bloodstream. Remember…..None for the Road’

In partnership with specialist provider AlcoDigital, we are pleased to be able to offer people who attend one of our drink drive courses discounts off their NEO and Platinum range of personal breathalysers.

After your course, TTC will give you a discount code to use at the checkout when you complete your purchase.

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