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FAQs and resources for NDORS courses

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Resources for NDORS courses

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For the eligibility criteria, format and duration of specific NDORS courses, please see the course information on the individual course pages:

Can I attend a course if I have not been offered one by the police?

No, you can only attend the course if you have received a course offer letter from the police following an alleged traffic offence. However, we offer a wide variety of other driver training services.

Can I attend a course even though I have already paid the fine to the police?

Unfortunately not. Once the conditional offer has been processed by the police it is not possible to change it.

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Can I attend a course outside normal working hours?

We’re committed to giving you course options that best suit your own needs, whether that be classroom or online. You will be able to see locations, dates and times and select which format you prefer once you start the booking process and select TTC as your provider. Check our resources for handy guides to our online and classroom formats.

How do I select either the online or the classroom course?

You make your selection during the booking process. In the case of the Safe and Considerate Driving course, this is only offered in-person and is not available to complete online.

What do I need to prepare before attending an online course?

Download our handy guide below for an overview of what you need to do and visit our support page for details of how to set up your device so you’re ready to take part.

The course is only available in English and Welsh languages.  If you think your English language skills might restrict your ability to complete the course, or affect your experience, we recommend you make arrangements for an interpreter to help you. They must be at least 16 years old. Although it is your responsibility to do this, we will need to know who this person is in advance as they will also need to provide ID. Check out our advice page for all the information you need.

Can I fail the course?

As long as you complete the course satisfactorily you cannot fail. This means you must:

  • Attend the full session.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to have more positive attitude to road safety.
  • Make a positive contribution to the course.

If you do not manage all these requirements you will be considered to have not completed the course in a satisfactory way and your case may be referred back to the police.

Are the police involved in delivering the course?

The police are not involved in the delivery of the course; however they will be notified once you have attended and completed it to make sure that no further action is taken against you for this incident.

Do you provide food?

No. You will have to bring your own food if you wish to eat during a break.

Is there any reading or writing involved?

We will send you confirmation of your booking, which will include all the information you need to attend, including joining instructions and the course link if attending an online course. If you may struggle with reading this information, please let us know at the time of booking.

There are no tests involved on our courses, however you will need to get involved with the group discussions. For instance, you will need to complete an action plan, but you do not need to hand this in at the end of the course. 

Will there be a test during the course?

There is no specific test, however you are required to engage fully throughout the course as instructed by the trainer in order to successfully complete the course. In the case of the Safe and Considerate Driving course you will be asked to carry out a simple eyesight check before getting into the vehicle for the practical session.

Does the course involve any driving?

Only one course involves any practical driving element and that is the Safe and Considerate Driving course, for which a car is provided. You do not need to bring your own vehicle. None of the other NDORS courses involve driving.

What do I have to do after attending the course?

Nothing. TTC will confirm that you have attended and completed satisfactorily. The national police database will be updated and no further action will be taken.

Support for people with additional needs

What additional support is available and how do I request it during the booking process?

We will always do our best to accommodate any requests where we can and if we are told in advance. When you reach Step 2 of the booking process, you will be asked if you have special requirements for attending a course. On the “Your Requirements” screen (pictured) you can select from a range of options and add additional details, if you need to. Give us as much information as you can. Remember that if you choose to bring an interpreter you will need to give us their name in advance too.

Your Requirements screenshot from NDORS booking system

Can I have an interpreter with me on the course?

Yes. You can add this requirement at the time of booking. We will need to know the name of the interpreter who will be attending with you. They must be at least 16 years old and will need to show their own photo ID.  If you arrive at a course with an interpreter without notifying TTC, you may be asked to leave and rebook.

More support for people with additional needs

Do I need to inform you that I will require disabled access and parking?

Yes, please let us know at the time of booking. Although all of our venues have disabled access and parking, letting us know in advance means we can make sure arrangements are made at the venue.

Do I need to inform you if I have a disability that affects my driving?

Only in the case of the Safe and Considerate Driving course as that involves a practical coaching element and we need to make sure an appropriate vehicle is provided.

Can I do the course in another language?

All our courses are delivered in the English language. In Gwent, North and South Wales, some courses are also available in Welsh. If your understanding of English is not sufficient to be able to understand and participate in the course then you can bring a friend or family member to act as a translator for you free of charge. You must inform us that you are bringing someone with you to translate.

The interpreter who comes with you must be the person named on the booking. They must bring photo ID and be aged 16 or over.

If you arrive at the course without an interpreter and the trainer feels that you are unable to understand them or the course content sufficiently then you will be unable to complete the course. This is because it is important for all participants to be able to understand the trainer and the course content in order to gain the intended experience and knowledge from the session.

What support do you have for people who are hard of hearing?

Some of the classroom course venues have hearing loops (or can provide hearing loops) but some do not have this facility.

Our online driver awareness courses can be provided with subtitles in English.

If you require a hearing loop/subtitles or any other assistance, please contact us in advance of your course and we will do everything we can to provide reasonable adjustments where possible.

Children are not allowed into the course, even online. If you do not have childcare arrangements in place, then you cannot attend and unfortunately one of the other prosecution options will need to be considered.

I have a health condition or disability, can I still attend a course?

Every effort will be made to accommodate any special requirements providing you let us know of any specific requests or reasonable adjustments required in advance. If no such indication has been made, we will not be held responsible for failing to provide these. If you require personal care during the duration of your course you will need to provide your own carer, but you must notify us if this is the case. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

I have already booked and I forgot to request an interpreter or special assistance, is it too late?

If you have already booked and haven’t yet informed us of any special requirements you have, please contact us.


Booking is easy. Simply press the Book now button anywhere on this page and it will take you to the UKROEd website where you can type in the reference and PIN number from your police referral letter and, when prompted, select TTC as your provider.

Then choose whether you’d like an online or class-based course and browse available course dates, times and locations. Don’t forget to tell us if you think you’ll need extra support like an interpreter.

Once you have booked and paid you’ll get a confirmation email from us with all the details you need about joining your course.

Can I attend a classroom course instead of online?

TTC is committed to ensuring that every client has a choice of booking a course that best suits their own needs, whether that be a classroom or online course.  You can browse the available options when booking your course.

Can I change the booking after I have made it?

Providing there is sufficient time within the deadline given by the police, you can change your course once you have booked. You can reschedule your course for free any time within the first 14 days of your first booking. Changes made after this time will be subject to a fee, which is outlined in our course terms and conditions.

In the event of you being unable to attend or complete your course due to illness, a rearrangement fee will be applicable. This may be refunded upon receipt of a medical certificate and after review by us.

How do I alter my booking?

Use the UKROEd website in the same way as when you first booked. All your course details will be in your dashboard. You can use the same link below:

Cost, payment options and other fees

How much do NDORS courses cost?

The cost of our NDORS courses varies by course and police force area.

Is any help available with course payment?

We offer a range of course payment options, including scheduled payments. If you wish to pay by instalments, please contact us. A non-refundable minimum deposit will be required at time of booking and all fees must be paid in full at least two weeks before the scheduled course date. Please see our terms and conditions (English) or (Welsh) for details.

Are there any additional fees for bringing an interpreter or other support worker?

No, but we must know the details in advance to make sure we can accommodate them. Please tell us before you book.

Will you charge me if I need to reschedule my course?

You can reschedule your course for free any time within the first 14 days of your first booking. Changes made after this time will be subject to a fee. In some places, for a small up-front additional fee, you can also opt for flexi-booking. Flexi booking allows one opportunity to reschedule up to the start time of the course. Flexi booking is not available for all courses and police force areas.

Preparing to attend the course

Is there anything I should do in preparation for the course?

It is vital to be at your course on time as late arrivals will be refused entry and their case may be referred back to the police. If attending a classroom course, we recommend planning your route to the venue. If attending an online course, we recommend you download and test Zoom in advance of your course time to avoid any last-minute hiccups. Refer to your confirmation email for details on how to do this or check the link below.

What do I need to bring with me?

You must show a photo ID in order to attend the course. This must be an original physical document like a passport or a driving licence. This is so that the trainer can register your attendance properly.

If you do not have photo ID, please speak to the police force who referred you for the course, prior to your course date.

Special requirements for the Safe and Considerate Driving course: In the case of the Safe and Considerate Driving course, you must produce your valid photocard driving licence in order to attend the course. If you have the old-style paper licence then you will need to produce this, along with another form of photo ID. If you cannot produce your valid driving licence you will need to bring photo ID, mobile phone and your national insurance number so that an eligibility check can be completed by the trainer.

In addition, for SCD course attendees, if you wear glasses for driving, make sure you bring these with you as you will be asked to do a simple eyesight check involving reading a number plate from a distance of 20.5m (67ft).

I cannot find the email. How can I find my course details?

You can log back into the UKROEd online portal here. Once logged in, look for your dashboard.

If you have booked an online course, you will be able to find the course link.

If you have booked a classroom course, you will be able to view the course details and resend or print your booking confirmation.

Alternatively, you can contact us and ask to have your joining instructions resent.

Do I need to supply my own vehicle?

No. Most courses will not require you to use a vehicle. The only exception is the Safe and Considerate Driving course, which includes a practical in-vehicle coaching session. However, we will provide a fully insured vehicle for this. Please let us know in advance if you drive an automatic or have a disability that affects your driving so that appropriate alterations can be made. Also tell us if you want to use your own adapted vehicle as it will need to be risk assessed in advance.

Attending the course

Can I attend the course without valid ID?

You will need an original physical photo ID document to attend your course. Digital versions are not accepted. If you arrive without valid identification you will be refused entry to the course and providing you have sufficient time within your completion date, you will be required to rearrange the course which will incur a rearrangement fee.

Do I need to sign in?

Upon arrival, the trainer will check your identification and mark your attendance before the course commences. If you are attending a classroom course, please locate the trainer for registration.

How will I know I have connected to the course correctly?

You will receive the joining instructions within 24 hours of your course date. Once you have used the login details you will be presented with a screen to confirm you are in the virtual waiting room. The trainer will complete ID checks on an individual basis, and this can take between 10-20 minutes to complete.

If my equipment fails part-way through the course, will I be able to rebook?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to rebook which will be subject to availability before your completion date and a rearrangement fee may be required.

Failing to complete the course

What happens if I cannot complete the course before my deadline?

As this is an alternative to prosecution, you will have to choose one of the other available options from your police offer letter.

What happens if I am late or unable to attend?

You may be able to rebook, providing there is sufficient time and course availability within the deadline set by the police. This will incur a rearrangement fee.

If you are ill, you will need to contact us as soon as possible. You will be required to provide a doctor’s certificate.

Please refer to the terms & conditions above for details regarding rebooking fees.

What happens if the course is cancelled?

In the extremely unlikely event your course is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we will rebook you free of charge onto a new course date, providing there is sufficient time before your completion date which is set by the police.

Privacy and confidentiality

Client confidentiality

Protecting the confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost importance, therefore you must ensure that nobody other than you can view your screen. You must attend the online course in a private room with your screen facing a wall to prevent anyone other than yourself from hearing and seeing the course content.

Mobile devices

Unless you are using the device to participate in the course, mobile phones are not allowed to be used during a course. They should be switched off throughout although you can use them during the scheduled breaks. The same goes for iPads or other communication tools. These policies are applied so that the courses can take place without the disruption of active mobile phones or other devices. If you are using a smartphone or tablet to attend the course, then you will need to activate ‘do not disturb’ from the device settings.

GDPR and copyright

The filming and/or recording or reproduction or posting on social media of any part of a course is strictly prohibited as this infringes data protection laws and privacy of other delegates. Anyone using a mobile phone or any other recording equipment is liable to be excluded from taking any further part in the course and the case will be referred back to the police who will normally institute criminal proceedings for the original offence.