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Continuum for teams

Improve decision-making, respond faster to driver issues and let Continuum do all the boring admin stuff while you take the glory

Real-time risk and compliance at your fingertips

Put simply, it shows you exactly where your driver liabilities lie in real-time and tells you what to do right now to reduce the risk.

Whether that’s intervening to support a driver who’s a speeding ticket away from losing their licence, keeping all your grey fleet drivers within the law or mitigating the effects of a driver collision.

Continuum frees up hours of admin time by managing all the data your drivers provide in a clever way, serving up personalised training automatically and providing accurate actionable insight through intuitive reports.

Repetitive tasks like gathering, verifying and filing documents, carrying out driver risk assessments and doing licence and document rechecks and renewals at the right time are done automatically.

There’s no need to chase. Continuum sends all the reminders. You only get alerts when you need to take action.

And every action, document, risk assessment, advisory and learning is captured within Continuum forever, providing end-to-end-reporting and audit trails at your fingertips.

Benefits of Continuum for teams

TTC Icons 37 Hourglass Time

Save time on document uploads and rechecks.
Automatically gather driver risk, compliance & vehicle data, using AI to verify grey fleet business insurance, MOT and tax.

TTC Icons 39 Warning Risk

Instant notifications and alerts when it matters most.
Get instant alerts for things like driving offences, missed deadlines and critical expiry dates so you can intervene positively.

TTC Icons 41 Driver Assess Risk

View the live risk of any individual or team 24/7.
Access centralised company, driver and vehicle reports and view live risk status any time via the intuitive dashboard.

TTC Icons 48 Checklist Audit Compliance

Prevent CPC driver hours expiring on the job.
Our unique service automatically tracks and records CPC driver hours, training and expiry dates, sending alerts when needed.

TTC Icons 44 Reduce Graph Chart

Permanently reduce risk with behaviour change.
Use telematics to proactively intervene on driver risk with smart, personalised training based upon a driver’s behaviour.

TTC Icons 29 Driver Care

Protect your reputation with end-to-end audit trails.
Each action, intervention, document and advisory are stored for end-to-end reporting and audit trails.

Get up close and personal with our amazing Continuum platform and have a guided tour. We think you’ll be blown away.

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Key benefits in detail

Save wasted time chasing, checking and filing documents

Case studies show businesses waste up to 37 days per year checking driver licences alone*. Continuum frees you from unproductive driver admin by letting you set-and-forget tasks using automation.

Once a driver’s details are entered, Continuum will do the rest; from getting their consent, to assessing and dynamically managing their risk and checking their licence and vehicle documents are legal and up to date. When something important changes or gets close to expiry, it shows on your personal dashboard and you get alerted by email.

Never be in the dark about your business risk and compliance status

Access your live business risk and compliance status and view all your outstanding tasks and reminders 24/7 via your intuitive Continuum dashboard. Your personal dashboard lets you access all the functions you need to do your job efficiently and effectively. As a driver, you can examine your risk profile in detail and view all your documents and training records.

As a manager, get a full-company view of driver risk and compliance or drill-down into an individual record. Use one of 14 integrated standard reports or build a report to match your business needs. Each action, intervention, document and advisory is stored for end-to-end performance reporting, detailed investigations and audit trails.

Say goodbye to manual CPC training record-keeping

Continuum can verify each driver’s DQC as part of their digital licence check and can also. capture key information centrally. The platform notifies transport managers which drivers hold a valid DQC, and automatically alerts them when any DQC is due to expire.

What’s more, when a driver attends any Driver CPC periodic training course delivered by TTC, we will automatically capture the details and the hours completed against their driver record, making the process even simpler.

Get access to curated innovative features

We offer innovative optional value-added services from selected third-party partners through Continuum. But only ones we rate highly for the additional benefits they offer fleet managers.

One of these is the revolutionary pay-as-you-go (PAYG) web-based tool My Transport Planner tool which has significant efficiency and sustainability benefits for commercial vehicle fleets. My Transport Planner is an AI transport planning tool for commercial vehicle operators which can optimise the overall performance of your commercial vehicle fleet, reduce mileage and emissions by up to 20% and costs by almost one third.

Fast onboarding and great support

Start getting the benefits of Continuum quickly with quick and easy onboarding and training for your whole team. Your TTC account manager will work with you to tailor the service to your needs and arrange user training.

User support is available 24/7 with a range of video tutorials and walkthrough guides on our dedicated Continuum Knowledgebase where you can also access our specialist online technical support team if you can’t find what you need.

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