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Depending on the nature of your offence and other factors, such as the amount of alcohol in your body when tested by the police, driving bans usually last at least one year but can be much longer.

The good news is that if you or your solicitor tell the court that you plan to take an approved drink drive rehabilitation course you could reduce the potential length of your ban by up to a quarter.

You must do this at the hearing and tell the court which course you are going to take. You can’t make a decision to do a course once you have left the court.

The process is different in Northern Ireland as you will automatically be offered a TTC course. However, it is still up to you to contact us and make a booking.

  1. Think about the sentence you might get. Read our guide to sentencing to understand how courts decide what sentence to give drink-drivers and how long to disqualify them from driving.
  2. Work out how much shorter your ban could be with a TTC drink drive course. Use our Driving Ban Reduction Calculator to see much sooner you could get your licence back.
  3. Get ready to tell the court you want to take the TTC course. Check out how effective and non-judgemental our drink drive rehabilitation course is and see what one attendee thought in the video below:
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What helped Louise the most

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25% off her ban & her licence back sooner

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A much better understanding of alcohol risk

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Personalised strategies to help her in future

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Sharing experiences with others

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Tips on licence restoration process

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Improved chance of affordable car insurance

Why choose TTC?

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For questions about our drink or drug driving courses, and post-course support please contact us.