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Company fined £450k in driver fatigue case

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Welding company, Renown Consultants Limited, fined £450,000 after two of its fatigued employees died in a car crash and ordered to pay £300,000 in court costs

Trainee Zac Payne, 20, and Michael Morris, 48, were killed when their vehicle crashed into a parked lorry in a layby on the A1, Newark, on 19 June 2013.

Excessive work hours, driver fell asleep at the wheel

At the time of the crash, Zac Payne had worked for about 26 hours and fallen asleep at the wheel of a work van, while driving back to Doncaster after a night shift in Stevenage. He had driven 300 miles from the firm’s Doncaster depot to Alnmouth in Northumberland and back on 18 June, before being sent on the 280-mile round-trip to Stevenage.

Truck driver tired yawning

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