Licence Scan Technology

A simple, fast and accurate solution to capturing driving licence details using a smartphone or webcam

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Licence Scan Technology

Add a driver's licence details faster than ever by scanning the licence from your smartphone or webcam.

Powered by the latest in AI and machine learning technology, a driver's licence details can now be scanned and all data extracted within 0.4 seconds.  That's even faster than the speed of thought at which human brains process sensory information.

No additional hardware is needed, with these latest scanning facilities now avaible to every new driver, as well as any drivers needing to complete new eDeclarations.

Automatically read non-UK licences

Built with market-leading machine learning technology, non-UK driving licences are identified as part of the scan, allowing the driver to capture scanned images of the front and rear of their driving licence. 

Key data such as licence number, name, address and expiration dates are automatically captured and stored within the Continuum platform.

TTC Group | Non-UK Driving Licence Scan

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