Grey Fleet Management

Managing driver safety of employees using their own vehicle for work-related journeys

Do your employees use their own vehicle for a work related journeys, such as driving to meetings or undertaking errands?

The vehicle being used needs to be verified as roadworthy, legal, adequately insured and your employee needs to hold a valid driving licence to meet legal requirements.

With driver consent, we can verify the status of the vehicle and confirm the owner has a valid motor insurance policy covering business use, MOT and road tax (if applicable).

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Why choose Continuum's Grey Fleet Management solution?

Our market-leading Grey Fleet Management solution provides:

  • Reduced administration time and increased compliance
  • Manager dashboard view and alerts to track non-compliant drivers
  • Advises document renewal dates
  • Validates user's vehicle insurance for business use
  • Tracks grey fleet MOT, Tax compliance
  • Easy document upload and registration of vehicle details for drivers
  • Results stored centrally on the Continuum platform
  • GDPR compliant document validation
  • Allows peace of mind by protecting your business and brand reputation
  • Compliance reporting 24/7/365
  1. Who Should Use Grey Fleet Management Services?

    All organisations employing staff who drive their own private vehicle or company car allowance (cash option) on business.  Work-related journeys include travelling to attend meetings and running errands such as visiting the local cash and carry.

  2. Reducing Grey Fleet Administration

    TTC Continuum provides drivers with the ability to upload and validate their vehicle details digitally. 

    Grey Fleet drivers are required to enter their vehicle registration, make and colour and upload mandatory documentation for their vehicle.

    TTC Continuum automatically tracks expiry dates, sending alerts and reminders to upload renewal documents.

  3. Permit to Drive

    Our Grey Fleet solution supplies live data to the Permit to Drive module, with any Grey Fleet driver’s current Permit to Drive being automatically revoked should any mandatory documents expire.

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  1. Access to Real-Time Reporting

    TTC Continuum provides Fleet Managers with instant access to view each Grey Fleet driver’s vehicle status, as well as other core Compliance, Risk and Learning information.

    Reports/alerts available:

    • Driver not signed up
    • Late vehicle registration number submission
    • Late upload of insurance certificate
    • Failed tax/MOT check
    • Failed vehicle insurance check
    • Vehicle insurance about to expire
    • Vehicle tax/MOT about to expire
    • Permit to Drive revoked
  2. Management of Grey Fleet Vehicle Condition

    TTC Continuum's Mobile App enables you to manage all your Grey Fleet’s vehicle safety inspections and maintenance from one user interface.

    The Mobile App provides instant, centralised visibility of vehicle any issues, such as illegal tyres or dashboard warning lights.  Remedial action can also be provided, directing drivers to preferred suppliers for maintenance and automating the ordering process for replacement parts such as wiper blades.

  3. Journey and Travel Expense Management

    TTC Continuum's Mobile App can help to reduce the administration burden of managing business travel expenses, for both drivers and managers.

    The Mobile App provides tracking of Grey Fleet journeys as either work-related or personal, producing a monthly report data integration for simpler expense management.

Continuum provides us with a continuous programme to ensure we manage our duty of care to employees.... Working with TTC has helped us create a strong foundation for ensuring our drivers are safe, our vehicles are less damaged and our business is compliant.

Gina Hughes Health and Safety, Greenhous Group