Trailer Towing Vocational Coaching and Workshop

Combined workshop and practical driver coaching for effective competency based training that replaced the car/van trailer towing driving test.

TTC Group | Trailer Towing Vocational Coaching

Why should my drivers attend TTC's Trailer Towing Vocational Driver Coaching & Workshop?

This combination of workshop, practical coupling and uncoupling exercises followed by on road driver training and reversing skills with a trailer is designed to replace recent UK government changes to the Category ‘BE’ driving test.

From the autumn of 2021 , Category ‘B’ licence holders no longer need to take a Category ‘E’ trailer towing test.  However, drivers and businesses are encouraged to seek
professional training to ensure they drive safely and within the law surrounding vehicle and trailer weights and restrictions applicable to this vehicle combination.

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Trailer Towing Video #1:  Introduction & Safety Checks

In this video, TTC's professional driver coach introduces Head of Service Delivery, Andy Wheeler to the Trailer Towing course and starts by covering some starter safety checks.

Trailer Towing Video Short #2:  Trailer Coupling

In this video, TTC's professional driver coach talks Head of Service Delivery, Andy Wheeler through the correct procedure and associated risks of coupling a trailer to a vehicle's towbar.

Trailer Towing Video Short #3:  Reversing

In this video, TTC's professional driver coach demonstrates trailer reversing techniques and best-practice to Head of Service Delivery, Andy Wheeler.

Trailer Towing Video Short #4:  Safe Uncoupling & Conclusion

In this video, TTC's professional driver coach demonstrates safe practices for uncoupling a trailer, before concluding the training session.

Who should attend

Any Category ‘B’ vehicle vocational driver that is required to tow a trailer not exceeding the gross train weight

Delivery method

The course is facilitated by a professional and highly experienced trainer.

The training delivery includes some initial theory content followed by ‘hands on’ practical exercises including coupling/uncoupling, manoeuvring and pulling the trailer on public roads.

All finished with a knowledge and competency based assessment to a defined criteria and the DVSA National Standard for Driving Cars and Towing.

Course outline
  • Introduction
  • Module One:  Theory workshop 
  • Module Two:  Hands on Coupling and uncoupling
  • Module Three:  Reversing and manoeuvring
  • Module Four:  On-road driver training
  • Module Five:  Competency and knowledge assessments