UK driving familiarisation driver coaching

Essential training for foreign nationals

Why should my drivers attend TTC's UK Familiarisation Driver Coaching?

Driver coaching is an essential course for foreign nationals who have limited experience or are new to driving in the UK.

The course uses theory and on-road coaching and is tailored to the driver’s individual needs. A discussion and assessment drive to identify training objectives is followed by bite-sized, on-road sections to optimise and reinforce learning and confidence.

Our experienced driver coach will focus on overcoming barriers and fears about driving in the UK and reducing the risk of a collision during a potentially high-risk period of adaption.

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The course is facilitated by a professional driver coach who will determine your driver's level of knowledge and experience and tailor the training to optimise learning.

  • Duration: 3.5 or 7.5 hours
  • Delegates: 1 driver (2 for full day depending on experience)
  • Price: Available on request
  • Format: On-road coaching and workshop 
  • Vehicle: Driver's allocated/pool vehicle


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Driver benefits

Recognise speed limits for all road types and apply appropriate speed for the conditions​.

Explain the relevant aspects of UK driving law and licence requirements.

Demonstrate how to deal with all types of junctions safely and show understanding of how to use motorways.

Explain the Highway Code, road signage and traffic lights systems.

I really enjoyed participating on the course and would particularly like to thank Jacqui for her patience and guidance. The whole event was very rewarding and highlighted a number defects in my driving habits

Nigel Thompson Mourne Timber Solutions

Improving safety and meeting compliance

Reduce your drivers' risks
Training will reduce driver risk, collision rates, fleet costs and reputational damage.

Meet your duty of care
Our courses are designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations.

Improve your drivers’ on-road competence and knowledge
- Recognition speed limits for vehicle and road types​
- Overcome barriers to driving performance
- Demonstrate understanding of road and motorway rules
- Develop a 'vehicle check' habit at the start of the journey

Course details

Who should attend

Anybody who is new to driving in the UK
and drives a vehicle for work purposes, including cars, vans, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle, LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or PCV (Passengers Carrying Vehicle). 

Delivery method

The course is facilitated by a professional driver coach who will determine your driver's level of knowledge and experience and tailor the training to optimise learning.

Course outline

Comply with the law
Key legal requirements to drive, the Highway Code and fitness to drive.

Speed, motorways, toll roads and congestion zones
Improve knowledge of speed limits and the rules for 'smart' and 'managed' motorways.

Rules of the road
Road rules in terms of signage, traffic lights and roundabouts.

Coaching session
Agree objectives that will motivate behaviour change and improve driving. Advice for ongoing development.