National Rider Risk Awareness Course

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The NRRAC (National Rider Risk Awareness Course) course is for motorcyclists whose behaviour could be described as thrill-seeking, anti-social or careless.

One of the highest groups for serious injury or fatal collisions, the course aims to alert motorcyclists to the vulnerabilities poor or reckless riding can attract and prevent them from reoffending.

A motorcyclist caught within the range of the NSAC course will still be offered a speed awareness course.

  • 3-hours course time
  • Up to 9 participants (online course)
  • Up to 24 participants (classroom courses)
  • Price dependent on police force area
  • Interactive and engaging workshop
  • We deliver the course in Avon & Somerset, Cumbria, Devon & Cornwall, Gwent, North Wales, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Scotland, South Wales, South Yorkshire, West Mercia, West Midlands, West Yorkshire, Wiltshire

Reasons to attend

Road lawsYou are less likely to re-offend.

You do not need to pay the fine and penalty points will not be added to your licence.

Attendance on a NDORS course is not a conviction.

Locations nationwideLocal venues available throughout England and Wales.

Do you need an interpreter to complete a course?

Our courses are delivered in English or Welsh languages only. It is important to understand the course content to be able to complete the course. Find out more about how an interpreter can help.

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Flexible Course Payment Options

TTC offers a range of course payment options to best meet your needs, including:

  • Debit / Credit Card
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Cheque
  • Postal Order
  • Banker’s Draft
  • Cash
  • BACS transfer
  • Mobile Banking App payment
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Choice of Course Dates & Times

TTC offers a comprehensive choice of courses to give you the greatest opportunity to complete a course, no matter your personal commitments, including:

  • Choice of course start times
  • Choice of course dates
  • Evening courses
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Participant benefits

Motorbike ridingUnderstand the consequences of reckless, careless or anti-social riding​.

Identify the disadvantages of inconsiderate or risky on-road behaviour.

Question assumptions about their competency to ride a motorcycle.

Better behaviourDemonstrate knowledge of appropriate riding to prevent reoffending.

A relaxed atmosphere, non-condescending, non-judgemental which made the day a learning experience.

RIDE course attendee

Course details

Who should attend

Anyone who has been referred by the police to attend a RIDE Course.

Delivery method

The interactive workshop is relaxed and informative and facilitated by a licenced NDORS (National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme) trainer. There is no police involvement.

Course requirements

Arrive early
Late arrivals will be refused entry and their case may be referred back to the police.

Valid identification
You must produce Photo ID in order to attend the course This must be a physical document; digital copies will not be accepted. Failure to produce Photo ID will lead to your exclusion. Every effort will be made to offer an alternative date, provided there is sufficient availability and time within the police deadline. A further rearrangement fee will be required. If you do not have Photo ID, you will need to speak to the Police Force who referred you for the course, prior to your course date.

No driving/test
This is a theory-only, classroom-based course with no driving or test.

 must not have taken a RIDE, What's Driving Us? or Safe and Considerate Driving course in the 3 years prior to the most recent offence​.

Fees incurred to alter booking

Providing there is sufficient time within the deadline given by the police, you can change your course once you have booked. There may be a rearrangement fee for changing your course, which is outlined in our course terms and conditions.

In the event of you being unable to attend or complete your course due to illness, a rearrangement fee will be applicable. This may be refunded upon receipt of a medical certificate and after review by us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend the course without valid ID?

If you arrive without valid identification you will be refused entry to the course and providing you have sufficient time within your completion date, you will be required to rearrange the course which will incur a rearrangement fee.

What happens if I am late or unable to attend?

You may be able to rebook, providing there is sufficient time within the deadline by the police, which will incur a rearrangement fee.

If you are ill, you will need to contact us as soon as possible. You will be required to provide a doctor's certificate.

Can I fail the course?

If you complete the course in a satisfactory way you cannot fail. This means you must:

Attend the full session.

Demonstrate a willingness to have more positive attitude to road safety.

Make a positive contribution to the course.

If you do not manage all these requirements you will be considered to have not completed the course in a satisfactory way and your case will be referred back to the police.

Can I attend the course voluntarily?

No, you can only attend the course if you have received the offer from the police following an alleged traffic offence.

However, we offer a wide variety of driver training services. Please visit 'driver education and coaching' for more information.

Do I need to sign in?

Upon arrival, please locate the trainer for registration. The trainer will check your identification and mark your attendance before the course commences.

Do the police run the course?

The police are not involved in the delivery of the course, however, they will be notified once you have attended and completed to ensure that no further action is taken against you for this incident.

What happens if the course is cancelled?

In the event of your course being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we will reschedule it as soon as possible free of charge.

We will email or write to clients advising of the re-arrangement.

What do I have to do after attending the course?

Nothing. Once you have attended and completed the course TTC will update the system to state that you have attended and completed. This will also update the national police database and no further action will be taken.

Do you provide food?

No. You will have to bring your own lunch if you wish to eat during the break.

Can I do the course in another language?

Courses are delivered in the English language. In Gwent, North and South Wales, some courses are also available in the Welsh language. If your understanding of English is not sufficient to be able to understand and participate in the course then you can bring a friend or family member to act as a translator for you free of charge. You must inform us that you are bringing someone with you to translate.

If you have notified us that you are bringing an interpreter, this must be the person named on the booking. They must bring photo ID and be aged 16 or over.

Click here to find out more about how to arrange for an interpreter to support you during the course.

If you arrive at the course without an interpreter and the trainer feels that you are unable to understand them and the course content sufficiently then you will be unable to complete the course. This is because it is important for all participants to be able to understand the trainer and the course content in order to gain the intended experience and knowledge from the session.

Is a hearing loop available?

Some of the course venues have hearing loops or can provide hearing loops but some do not have this facility. If you require a hearing loop please contact us and we will do everything we can to accommodate this need.

Is there any reading or writing involved?

You are given a course booklet that has space to make notes but is only for your records, it is not handed in at the end of the course.

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