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Use of mobile phones while driving is like an epidemic

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Two recent court cases where using a mobile phone whilst driving has led to deaths.

A car driver has been jailed for texting a woman on his mobile phone shortly before causing the death of a cyclist in St Albans. Mark Greenwood, 57, of Redbourn was cycling on the A5183 when he was knocked off his bike and killed.

For more info St Albans cyclist death: John Michell jailed for killing Mark Greenwood

A woman who killed a cyclist in Fife after using her mobile phone while driving has been jailed for five years. Julie Watson, 36, deleted a record of the call she had made before hitting Alistair Speed, 49, from Glenrothes. Watson, from Kinross, was found guilty of causing Mr Speed’s death on the A91 between Strathmiglo and Gateside on 5 September 2013 by dangerous driving.

For more info Jail for woman who killed cyclist after using phone while driving

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