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TTC re-awarded Cumbria contract

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TTC Group has been awarded a five-year contract to continue to make roads in Cumbria safer

“We have been delivering this type of training in Cumbria for over a decade and I’m delighted that we have been awarded a further five years,” explained Barry Price, Regional Coordinator at TTC Group.

“This is a very friendly county and all of our trainers are local people, with local knowledge. We don’t want the courses to be intimidating or boring, as this will just switch individuals off.”

He continued: “Our approach is about making sure the delivery is lively, interactive and engaging so our clients go away better understanding risks and how they can become more responsible drivers and riders.

TTC Group currently operate a 16-strong panel of trainers in Cumbria, all of whom are based locally and have significant experience in this field.

The educational courses are delivered at 6 venues across the county, including two in Carlisle and locations in Workington, Penrith, Milnthorpe and Barrow-in-Furness. Whenever possible, community venues are chosen so that money is injected back into the local area.

Sharon Haynes, Operations Director at TTC Group, said: “All of our courses have been designed to educate motorists so they become safer drivers and reduce the number of accidents and casualties on Cumbria’s roads.

“In addition to the best and most-engaging content, our job is to make the sessions accessible to everyone in the area, make the booking system as efficient as possible and then provide robust data for the police forces we are supporting.”

TTC Group deliver courses in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland (SCD & RIDE only) and Wales and educate more than 400,000 motorists every year.

Running this size of operation requires in excess of 400 trainers, who are vastly experienced in working with motorists to tackle issues such as speed, motorway awareness, and safe and considerate driving.

If you would just like to know about how any of our services could help meet your organisation’s objectives, drop us a line.

Licence Bureau is now part of the TTC Group