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Not as fit as he appeared

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It is always difficult to know what to look out for with rogue employees however this interesting case sheds light on a scenario which is perhaps more prevalent across business drivers than may be expected and comes with obvious tell-tale signs.

A general manager who had no entitlement to a company car but commuted daily using his own vehicle started to walk to work.

His colleagues did not think it was a cause for concern as far as they were concerned he was young and wanted to save money and keep fit. At work the general manager continued to drive the pool car making the odd delivery when needed and ferrying staff.

His last Licence check showed him as OK to drive although he had a previous conviction for Drink Driving and six points for Failure to give information as to the identity of a driver. At the next three monthly checks the general manager was found to be disqualified again for six months. The Police would have tagged his vehicle as one used by a disqualified driver so we presume that is why he left it locked in his garage.

The disqualification was for totting up on two offences.

  • Offence one MS90 – Failure to give information as to the identity of a driver
  • Offence two IN10 – Using a vehicle uninsured

Malcolm Maycock MD of Licence Bureau says, ‘Although giving an air of fitness this driver was in fact totally unfit to be driving. These offences are ones which I believe are dishonesty offences and ones where employers need to be extra vigilant. This is a perfect insight into a person’s character’.

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