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Non-GB licence holder process

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Under current EU legislation, EU member states have the same entitlement as GB licence holders so can drive the appropriate vehicles which their licence entitles them to drive.

All non-GB licence holders complete the hard copy D906 Fair Processing Declaration process as normal. If we do invite them via e-Declaration they will be asked if they hold a non-GB or GB licence, they declare they hold a non-GB licence and the system will automatically send over a PDF of the D906. This restriction is imposed by the DVLA as a result of additional steps they take which the online system cannot accommodate.

If non-GB drivers have convictions registered at the DVLA (whilst driving in GB) Licence Bureau report these offences as normal via the portal. However, if no offences are recorded the result will be returned as “not found” and we request a copy of the drivers licence (front and back) and we report expiry date of licence and the country of origin via the portal. This process is repeated annually unless requested more frequently.

Non-GB licence holders are charged an additional fee of £8.00 unless we get a result from the DVLA due to convictions registered at the DVLA.

The service we provide also helps with some of the intricacies associated with foreign licences, for example a driver on a Spanish (EU) licence whose original licence was issued in Argentina (the Argentine driver exchanged in the EU for a Spanish licence). This driver does not have the same entitlement as a Spanish national with an EU licence. After 12 months in GB they will need to apply for a provisional licence and pass the theory and practical driving tests to continue driving in Great Britain.

This link is an ideal tool for helping fleet managers understand the entitlement of non-GB licence holders.

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