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Hoping for a very Bright Day!

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Licence Bureau are holding a Brake road safety charity “Bright Day”, please donate & help save lives on British Roads.

Please donate at our Just giving sponsorship page

Licence Bureau support the Brake charity who help remind drivers to slow down and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists and raises awareness of the thousands of people killed and injured on foot and bicycle on our roads every year.

Your funds will help Brake run road safety campaigns and education programmes and support families bereaved and injured by road crashes.

Every day in Britain at least 8 children and young people are killed or seriously injured while on foot and bicycles (5 young people aged 12-19 and 3 children aged 0-11). It’s a disgrace.

If you would just like to know about how any of our services could help meet your organisation’s objectives, drop us a line.

Licence Bureau is now part of the TTC Group