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Harsher penalties for irresponsible drivers

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A road safety organisation which educates speeding motorists has welcomed plans to introduce harsher penalties for “the few” irresponsible drivers who drive well above the speed limit

“Most people who attend our speed awareness courses would not have deliberately driven over the limit. It is usually an error of judgement and we help them to change their driving behaviour so they stay within the limits in the future,” a TTC spokesman said.

At 41mph a vehicle moves 18 metres (60ft) every second considerably reducing a driver’s ‘thinking time’ as well as the ability to stop if a child crosses the road outside school or near the shops, the spokesman said.

At 101mph a vehicle travels 45 metres (147ft) in just 1 second – almost the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

“These are long distances to travel when you may need to stop quickly to avoid a collision. It is totally irresponsible. Speed limits are there for a reason.”

The Sentencing Council is to increase penalties available to magistrates in England and Wales from April to 150 per cent of an offender’s income compared to 100 per cent now.

This is due to the increase in potential harm that can result with higher breaches of the speed limits.

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