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FORS launches FORS Driver Licence Checking Service with first Affinity Partner

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  • Licence Bureau announced as first FORS Affinity Partner
  • FORS members will receive a preferential rate for the FORS Driver Licence Checking Service
  • Service has now launched and a quote can be requested through the FORS website

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has launched a Driver Licence Checking Service in partnership with Licence Bureau, the first FORS Affinity Partner.

Affinity Partners provide FORS branded products or services which add value by enabling operators to comply with legal or contractual requirements and/or improve on safety, emissions, security and operational efficiency.

Licence Bureau is the first such partner to provide FORS members with a new service to help meet licence checking requirements – the FORS Driver Licence Checking Service which will help fleet operators manage requirements around risk-based licence checking, ultimately ensuring they are running a legal and safe workforce.

Companies can request a quote for the FORS Driver Licence Checking Service from the FORS website, with preferential rates available for all FORS members.

FORS requirement “D1 Licensing and qualifications” states that operators shall ensure that licences and qualifications of all drivers (including agency drivers) are checked using a risk-based verification system that directly accesses the DVLA database. This should be done prior to a new driver starting and then at least once every six months thereafter. However it is also important that drivers immediately report endorsements and disqualifications (of both driving and vocational licences) to their manager so they can be recorded.

Paul Wilkes, Business Services Manager, FORS said: “Regular, appropriate and risk-based licence checking is an important part of the FORS Standard, and we are delighted to be launching this opportunity with our Affinity Partner Licence Bureau, to offer FORS members this crucial service at a discounted rate.”

Employees who drive on company business must have the correct licence categories and qualifications, and may require additional certifications depending on the vehicle type. Fleet managers need the driver’s consent to check their information, and once this is obtained can check the driver’s suitability through the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The DVLA offers a basic driving licence information service, which can be used by individuals to view their own driving record, check penalty points or disqualifications and to create a licence ‘check code’ to share the record with someone else. A ‘check code’ is then valid for 21 days and can be used to verify driving licence details.

However, the FORS Driving Licence Checking Service means the driver does not need to provide access for each check as the system completes the task automatically, saving time when regularly checking licences. Intuitively built to help manage licences, the system notifies the user of any exceptions required and allows the user to add actions and thus provide the audit trail required for compliance checks.

Malcolm Maycock, Managing Director, Licence Bureau said: “We are delighted to be working with FORS to help members accurately process and manage driver licence checks, keep records up to date and improve the overall safety of their fleets.”

For more information, please see FORS driver licence checking service.

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