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Fleets shouldn’t wait for the paper counterpart abolition

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Licence Bureau is advising fleet managers to remain wary of any obstacles when moving licence checking online, as the three month countdown has started to the abolishment of the paper counterpart on June 8th.

The licence checking and compliance company is advising fleets they should already be in the process of moving licence checking online to ensure a smooth transition. To avoid issues surrounding licence renewal, endorsements or verification of new/existing licences.

Fleets should be using this launch to review update their policies, in order to remain compliant with Duty of Care obligations.

It’s important for fleets to remember that performing single licence checks still require employee consent to access personal data. Employees can currently give this through the ‘View Driving Licence’ and ‘Share Driving Licence’ online services on the DVLA website.

Rather than deterring fleets from using licence checking services, it believes more companies will move to using a checking and compliance service – as data for an entire fleet is collated in a single place. Using an online portal that flags upcoming risks will prepare them for any issues approaching June 8th, whilst improving risk management as they view data in ‘real time’.

Should fleets leave any changes too late, it could cost them considerable resources as they try to catch up; being fully prepared and minimising any changeover issues is essential if fleets are to take advantage of quicker and more efficient licence verification from June 8th onwards.

Malcolm Maycock, Managing Director of Licence Bureau, said “Despite the abolition of the paper counterpart not coming into force until June 8th, we would advise fleets to move their records online immediately. This is especially important for larger fleets, who want to avoid any administrative delays in order to hit the ground running.”

Tips for fleets and drivers:

  • Fleets should digitalise their records as soon as possible
  • Fleets may require updated employee consent before transferring licence checking online
  • Drivers with both card and paper licences should discard the latter from June 8th
  • Drivers who only possess counterpart licences won’t be affected until renewing
  • Fleets who provide daily rental solutions should be aware of the change in the rental process

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