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The key question of whether the UK is leaving the EU on the 31st October is not at all clear.

All we do know is that the current government has given the Whitehall administration clear instructions with the creation of the Michael Gove role within the Cabinet to oversee No Deal.

So with no clear message and total uncertainty the only reasonable course to take for a business is to prepare for no deal on the 31st October.


There are a number of publications around and the Cold Chain Federation has provided some helpful information and links.

1. Haulier and Commercial Drivers Guide published last week (see here).

2. which has a range of guides. such as this one Importing, Exporting and Transporting Products or Goods After Brexit

3. In the event of a no deal Brexit then the land border between the Republic and Northern Ireland will be a legal ‘hard border’. However there is no ‘hard’ infrastructure and as yet no plans to construct any. The guidance available is sparse at best, see for example Export goods from the UK: step by step.

4. The Irish Government says more in its guidance, but really it only states the letter of EU law there is little guidance on what would practically be done to enforce the law. Goods: For all businesses trading with the UK.

The view from DVLA

DVLA have confirmed they are not changing any current rules for those driving in the UK from the EU.

Resident in the EU

Many EU countries however have stated that those on a UK driving licence will need to exchange for a driving licence issued in their country of residence.

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