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Biffa wastes no time on driver compliance

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For added efficiency, Biffa has set parameters for how it wants to award and revoke a Permit to Drive by tailoring the criteria included within the permit requirements. For example, relevant licence categories have been added while unnecessary ones removed so a driver is not denied access to the fleet without reason. This also significantly reduces Biffa’s administrative burden.

Fleet managers can also amend the types of endorsements required for a Permit to Drive to be issued, and opt to include driver licence verification, grey fleet business insurance check, check for valid MOT and driver CPC qualifications.

Strengthening Biffa’s fleet compliance team armour is a weekly report delivered by TTC that details revoked permits. This enables the team to make the relevant Biffa location aware of the permit removal so that they can take any appropriate action. Notifications continue every week until they are acted upon and closed down.

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“Permit to Drive assumes our commercial drivers need a category ‘C’ licence to work for us and automatically assigns a permit against each driver accordingly,” explained Mark Forster, Policy & Engagement Manager, Biffa. “The permit will however be revoked, in the event the driver no longer has a valid ‘C’ Category on their licence. By focusing our attention on this vital area of transport management we have enhanced our duty of care protocols, which have in turn enabled us to consistently and pro-actively manage our drivers nationwide.

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