A variety of benefits in becoming a Driver Trainer

Press Release | March 2022

Build yourself a career in post-test driver training offering a variety of opportunities, financial stability and the chance to remain your own boss, yet be part of a bigger team

As we emerge from the pandemic, the demand for driving lessons is strong. Bookings for the next few months are good, and the future looks encouraging. But is teaching learner pupils all you want to do with your broad range of skills?

There is another approach

While teaching pupils can be rewarding, there are increasing prospects to undertake new and exciting challenges in post-test driver training and education. Opportunities include driver training for business drivers – car, van, truck, etc. and driver education for the general public through the numerous Driver Awareness Schemes (NDORS).

"Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour."

As Andy Wheeler, our head of training at TTC Group, says:
"TTC Group are a market leader in both corporate fleet and driver risk and the delivery of police-referred awareness courses, both face-to-face and online. Over the years, we have built a strong community of ADIs up and down the country who still run their own businesses but now deliver high-quality behaviour change training to post-test drivers as well."

Sounds intriguing? Well, here's what a few of today's TTC trainers told us as well.

Levi's story

"I didn't start in driver training. Initially, I was an engineer, but I always enjoyed driving cars. Being a pro-active type of person, I decided to change career direction and become Approved Driving Instructor. I wanted to be my own boss, do different things and learn new skills.I taught learners for many years but wanted to do more. As anyone involved in a driving school knows, it can be a bit repetitive, and you can only ever plan a couple of months ahead.  That's when I decided to do an accredited fleet driver training course to get on the DVSA's fleet register. It's the best thing I've done.

Today with TTC, I'm coaching business people to keep them safe and delivering Speed Awareness Courses both face-to-face and online to members of the public. I'm learning all the time, most recently with electric vehicles. Every day is different. I can genuinely say I have a real passion for what I do, and I'm engaged and valued. I'm excited about my future career opportunities."

Taira's story

"I come from a family of teachers, and helping people to learn is definitely in my blood. Looking back, I wanted to educate people and have a job that would allow me to plan my work around my young family. At the same time, it also needed to be interesting and rewarding.  That's why I became an ADI, and I loved it. At the same time, I gained a British Sign Language qualification that meant I could teach profoundly deaf pupils. It's fascinating work, but I enjoy learning new skills and trying different things. As a result, I decided to get my fleet accreditation to deliver in-vehicle Safe & Considerate Driving NDORS courses. This move led me to run other NDORS workshops especially speed awareness.

To be honest, moving from 1-to-1 training to a workshop of over twenty people was a challenge, but TTC supported me through the process. The exciting thing is that as most of these courses have gone online due to the pandemic, it feels like 1-to-1 training again!

Today, I deliver all sorts of courses and mentor other trainers, and I'm talking with TTC about getting more involved in electric vehicle training. I love my work because I have so many future career opportunities to look forward to. "

Ian's story

"I learnt to drive early in life with my dad, so you could say driving was in my blood from an early age. I did a couple of different jobs after leaving school, but I was always drawn to a career involving driving. That's why I trained as an Approved Driving Instructor teaching learners initially and then as an accredited fleet trainer.  Frankly, I did it because I have a young family and wanted the flexibility to work when I wanted. Now that I'm involved in post-test training and coaching, I get the best of both worlds. Every day is different, and I have the income and lifestyle that I want.

Some people told me it was a risk to move away from learners, but it's not. There are many opportunities to earn good money while having an independent lifestyle. With TTC, I have the type of relationship where I can choose where and when I want to work and do fleet training one day, an NDORS course the next, and then take the next day off. It's up to me, and that's what I really like."

Mel's story

"I started life driving holiday coaches across Europe but being away for 14 days at a time wasn't great for family life, so I trained as an ADI. I did that for a few years but wanted to do more than learners, so I got my fleet accreditation. What I really needed was variety and flexibility, and not to be in the car all the time. I did around 30-40 thousand miles a year when I had pupils. That's a lot of wear and tear, and cost too!  Today, with TTC, I deliver corporate driver and NDORS training and support other trainers in North Wales, both in English and Welsh. A lot of training is now online, although I still enjoy face-to-face training. Online workshops are different, and TTC always has someone available to help, even if it's a computer question! Also, I still have my HGV licence, so I deliver Driver CPC training too.

I don't spend so much time in the car these days, and I have the flexibility to plan my work schedule for months ahead rather than a few weeks. I'm still my own boss, but by working with TTC, I have variety in my work as well as the lifestyle I want."


While based in Telford, Shropshire, TTC Group operates across the UK. It is actively looking to bring new trainers on board with diverse backgrounds and from any walk of life. Ideally, all you need is an ADI qualification and a wish to make the roads safer through education. TTC offers training to help ADIs gain their fleet accreditation and/or deliver face-to-face training and online workshops.

Contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

So, if you fancy a stable career to match your lifestyle, with the ability to choose what you do and when, then contact:

A final word. 'Variety is the spice of life' is a shortened version of the phrase above written by the English poet William Cowper in 1785. If you want to experience it today, join TTC's growing team and build a diverse career in post-test driver education.