TTC Celebrates Cynnig Cymraeg Day (Welsh Offer)

Award | June 2022

Welsh Language Version
TTC Group | Cynnig Cymraeg Day 2022

Organised by the Welsh Language Commissioner, Cynnig Cymraeg Day is an opportunity to celebrate businesses and charities that take pride in the Welsh language by offering Welsh language services to the public.

TTC were invited to receive our Welsh Offer certificate, recognising our on-going commitments to promote the Welsh language through our road safety contracts with North Wales, Gwent and South Wales Police Forces.  Melfyn Jones, Assistant Regional Manager attended the Cynnig Cymraeg Day event in Denbigh to accept the certificate on behalf of TTC.

86% of the population in Wales feel that the Welsh language is something to be proud of

Welsh Language Commission

Sharon Haynes, Director of Client Services commented:
“TTC recognises our responsibility to promote the Welsh language and have developed a strong plan that outlines how we, as a business, engage with our clients in the Welsh language. 

94% of Welsh speakers feel that providing Welsh language service helps a company make a good impression, and it is extremely important to our contracting Police Force partners that clients have equal access to Welsh language courses.

We would encourage more businesses that offer services throughout Wales to get involved with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s office and create their own Welsh Language Development Plan.”

Sharon Haynes

TTC delivers National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme and Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme courses to over 60,000 people throughout Wales every year, working with the Police and Magistrates Courts to help improve road safety.

We continue to invest in course literature and promotional content to ensure that anyone seeking to engage with TTC, can do so seamlessly in the Welsh language. 

This example video is an animated promotional video highlighting the benefits of the National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC).  We provide both English and Welsh versions of the course page, including this dedicated Welsh language video.

If you would like to know more about the Cynnig Cymraeg please click here.