Drink Drive stress therapy partnership and support

News Article | January 2023

TTC Group is pleased to announce our partnership with Lisa Murphy at Cherry Therapies, to help offer our Drink Drive clients post-course support to better deal with stress and anxiety.

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Ditch The Stress – Free Online 5 Day Course

This 5-day course is designed to give you some practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help you feel more calm, confident, and in control.

TTC Group is committed to reducing the number of people that commit drink drive offences throughout the UK.  
By completing a Drink Drive rehabilitation course with TTC Group, people are up to 3x less likely to re-offend. With the professional support of Cherry Therapies, learn how to deal with the core of the problem, rather than relying upon alcohol to deal with all of life's problems.

This new partnership with Cherry Therapies offers an exciting opportunity to enhance the support offered to those that have completed a Drink Drive course with TTC. Lisa's "Ditch the Stress" course and Stress Management services offer valuable support to help deal with every day stress and anxiety, core factors that can lead to reliance on alcohol and an increased risk of driving under the influence of alcohol.

David Barrell National Manager for Drink Drive Rehabilitation, TTC Group

This new partnership between TTC Group and Cherry Therapies is the latest of several new initiatives to help add value to the Drink Drive rehabilitation course. 

To find out more about the Stress Management and other services offered by Cherry Therapies, please visit their website:  www.cherrytherapies.com

TTC Group is working alongside Magistrates' Courts throughout the UK to raise awareness of the benefits of their Drink Drive course, which is available online.  Find out more about TTC's Drink Drive course by visiting:  www.thettcgroup.com