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Identifying Driver Risk

Look beyond telematics to fully understand driver behaviour. Our data-driven risk management dynamically profiles drivers for positive interventions

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95% of crashes are human error. Are your drivers a business risk?

Whether you manage a large in-house fleet or just send the office junior for stamps in their own car from time to time, we can help.

Data driven risk management is the key to fleet safety. TTC accurately profiles the personal traits and behaviours of all your drivers to identify those most likely to expose your business to incidents or complaints.

Then we take the pain out of managing that risk by recommending highly personalised eLearning based on their profile.

We track the results in real time and giving you 24/7 intuitive management information that’s accurate and auditable.

All you need to do is send us your driver details and we take it from there. The powerful algorithms in our Continuum platform seamlessly integrate a wealth of data, such as telematics, connected cars, dash cams, speeding fines and DVSA licence checks.

For strategic risk analysis, policy and work process interventions, partner with a TTC expert for detailed incident investigations or complete fleet surveys.

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Explore our risk products

Identify potential high-risk drivers, automatically serve up the training they need and dynamically manage their progress using market leading algorithms.

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Ensure complete peace of mind with an expert survey of driver risk across the board with practical recommendations for reduction, including strategy and safe working practices.

Safeguard your business reputation with tailored policy, education and deterrent delivered by experts with more than 30-years of driver behaviour expertise.

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Ensure complete peace of mind with an expert survey of driver risk across the board with practical recommendations for reduction, including strategy and safe working practices.

Benefits of identifying driver risk

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Reduce complaints, incidents and insurance.
Identify the risky drivers you didn’t know you had and get recommendations to reduce their liabilities.

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Save money through efficiency.
Reduce training admin with effective risk-driven eLearning plans which are automatically created and tracked to completion.

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Enjoy the peace of mind of being in control.
View live risk profiles 24/7 and get timely alerts when you need them so you’re never caught on the hop.

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Make better use of your resource.
Intuitive dashboard with drill-down capabilities simplifies data insight and drives better decision-making.

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Safeguard your business reputation.
Continuum records all your risk, advisories and eLearning activities for fully documented audit trails.

Tell us about your driver management requirements. We are here to help, let us check your drivers and vehicles are compliant.

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Our powerful Continuum platform is the industry’s only all-in-one tech-driven driver risk and compliance tool, combining decades of TTC expertise with data and automation to improve performance and reduce cost. 

Join the growing number of enlightened businesses choosing TTC for duty of care, peace of mind and innovative and effective services assured to the highest international standards of quality and information security.

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Concerned about driver risk in your business? Talk to us about reducing your exposure and safeguarding more than just your duty of care.

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