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Robust Risk Management for Hesley Group

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Continuum delivers fleet compliancy for Hesley Group

Caring for more than 130 people in seven services across Doncaster, Barnsley, Scunthorpe and York, Hesley Group’s residential care homes support people with autism, learning disabilities and complex care needs.

Helping people enjoy a wide range of interactive, fun and educational activities such as rock climbing, day visits home, going to the cinema, swimming and shopping, the Group has a fleet of 47 vehicles including people carriers, cars, vans and 15 minibuses.

The Group also has approximately 110 grey fleet drivers and 270 company vehicle drivers.

Ensuring people are transported safely is of the utmost importance, and Hesley Group is now working with TTC to conduct thorough Licence Checks, driver risk assessments, driver training and grey fleet management.

The partnership ensures Hesley Group is fully compliant, and more than meets its duty of care to drivers and passengers.

Adult and child sitting down

The challenges

Before partnering with TTC, Hesley Group conducted Licence Checks manually. This caused a significant strain on resources.

The minibuses, which are valuable resources for day trips, proved to be daunting for some drivers and as a result, they were not being utilised fully. Confidence behind the wheel was also a challenge for the high number of Hesley Group’s non-UK employees, many of whom have little experience driving on UK roads.

Joining TTC in October 2022, Hesley Group migrated to TTC’s end-to-end driver risk management tool, Continuum. Accessible through a clear online dashboard, Continuum provides Hesley employees with access to Grey Fleet Management, Driver Risk Assessments, Driver e-Learning, On Road Driver Training for high-risk drivers and UK Familiarisation for staff members new to the UK, as well as regular automated licence checking for UK and non-UK licences. The platform has been popular with employees, vastly increasing engagement and completion of necessary checks and training.

The UK Familiarisation course and training for High-Risk drivers have already proven to be invaluable, with significant improvements seen and employees empowered.

Continuum’s user-friendly online dashboard and automated email reminders and alerts make it easy for even the busiest employees to complete necessary forms and training to remain up to date and reduce risk.

Next steps

As a result of Continuum implementation, Hesley Group has seen significant positive results. A company-wide clamp down on speeding, including all drivers taking risk assessments and e-Learning to address the issue if required, has been welcomed by employees. 

Furthermore, Continuum delivers real-time insights, for example, quickly alerting the business if an employee driver is given new points on their licence. This enables it to carry out updated risk assessments and consider whether training is required or if alternative action needs to be taken.

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What Hesley Group said

Rachel Beardsley, Transport Co-ordinator of Hesley Group said: “My role certainly keeps me on my toes.  I am almost constantly in demand and find myself responding to driver and employee requests throughout the day. Managing a large and varied fleet like ours, across multiple sites, is a complicated job and finding the time to carry out manual checks on every driver was a significant challenge. It is no exaggeration to say that Continuum has not only freed my time but also made a significant difference in how organised, prepared and safe our fleet and our drivers are, at all times.

“With the training, risk assessments and licence checking all ticking along without manual input from me, I am free to focus on other driver and vehicle requirements. To be able to use Continuum to gain visibility of driver behaviour which enables us to monitor risks and intervene with training as and when required, has been key to increasing efficiency, compliance and safety.

“In addition, all our drivers are trained to manage physical interventions and are aware of care support plans for in place for the supported people’s particular needs meaning they are fully able and confident to take people out and about to enrich their learning and their lives.

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