Driver risk profiling and assessment

Get visibility of your high risk drivers and develop safer driving behaviours

Our driver risk profiling and assessment provides excellent insight into the risks your drivers are exposed to. It allows you to compare individuals and make decisions on the provision of educational programmes to develop mitigate their risk and improve safety.

  1. Tailored, targeted education based on driver risk

    At the core of our solution is the driver and how they are performing. Based on the drivers 'risk' they are targeted with a tailored education plan to improve their performance, as well as reducing your overall fleet running costs and collision rates.

Benefits to you

Visibility of driversVisibility of your high-risk drivers
Proactively manage your identified high-risk drivers and reduce risk through education.

Meeting duty of careMeet your duty of care
Ensuring fulfillment of internal and external regulations. Meet Health and Safety Law requirements.

Protect brand reputationDrivings steering wheelProtect your reputation
Developing safer driver behaviors, being compliant and reduced collisions.

Reduced driver collisionsReduce fleet running  costsReduce fleet running costs
Converting vehicle and driver data into business insights. Reducing fleet running costs – collisions, repairs, sick leave, fuel consumption and insurance premiums.

Driver competenceDriver competence improveImprove your drivers’ competence
Mitigate the risks associated with being on the road with education that quickly improves driving performance.

On-road driver assessments

Ensuring workers are safe and competent to drive your company vehicle

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Risk assessment areas

The risk assessment is based on key areas:

  • Driver information: age, mileage, eyesight, personality
  • Driver history: number of collisions, licence check results, points and type of offences
  • Vehicle and environment: vehicle type, type of roads used, night driving
  • Driver knowledge:  Highway Code and driving knowledge-based questions

Continuum provides us with a continuous programme to ensure we manage our duty of care to employees.... Our drivers like it too...several have told me directly that they have changed the way they drive following the driver coaching. Working with TTC has helped us create a strong foundation for ensuring our drivers are safe, our vehicles are less damaged and our business is compliant.

Gina Hughes Health and Safety, Greenhous Group

Risk profile calculation – how it is determined

The risk assessment algorithm is based on research results from Department for Transport with regards to collisions, traffic offences and where most collisions take place as well as the experience of our staff dealing with, and training, thousands of drivers over many years.

Our independent data scientist has worked with us to analyse our driver risk profile and supported the development of the algorithm defining the training objectives for individual drivers.

How the process works

  • Basic driver details are provided by the client, such as forename, surname and email address. This data is uploaded into our platform, Continuum.
  • Drivers are invited by email to complete the online assessment. Driver completes the risk assessment, which takes approx 10 minutes.
  • At the end of the assessment, the driver receives feedback and their risk profile.
  • Dependent on the result, the driver will receive a notification to complete relevant elearning module(s) tailored to the individual.
  • For drivers recording a ‘high risk’ result, we recommend a half-day On-Road Driver Development coaching session.
  • All results are available and reported in real-time, highlighting any driver issues to be addressed.

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