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Police Officer Belfast Northern Ireland 24 Nov 2016Police Officer Belfast Northern Ireland 24 Nov 2016

Drink and Drug Driving Courses

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TTC is the UK’s largest and only nationwide provider of approved Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) and Courses for Drink Drive Offenders (CDDO)

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Drink and drug driving courses

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We remain the scheme’s largest and only UK-wide provider and are now piloting drug drive education too. We are the only provider of official courses for drink drive offenders in Northern Ireland.

Our drink and drug driving courses have been cleverly designed with insight from psychologists, communicators and road safety experts to engage with and motivate learners, making them three times less likely to reoffend. They are easy to book, with flexible online and classroom options and a low-cost deposit. In some areas, concessionary or early bird rates are available.

And, through effective value-added partnerships we offer a range of post course support from free anxiety therapy to discounted breathalysers.

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