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David, Consultant Trainer shares his experience with the TTC Trainer Academy, having recently completed his recruitment, induction and mentoring journey with TTC Group

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David Petrie

David kindly shared the following testimonial:

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to feedback on my experience since engaging with TTC till today where I have just completed being ‘approved’ for training delivery with TTC.

“Throughout this “whirlwind” experience,  since I was successful in being accepted in the interview, the communications via TTC’s Alaska platform, the training sessions, my observation, and professional mentoring through to today have all been exceptional.

I would like to point out a number of people who have been integral in me achieving this and I have always believed that we should give credit where credit is due.  I would appreciate that this is fed back to them in whatever official format you utilise as, I am sure you would agree,  it should be recognised how well and positively representative they are of you and the organisation.

I call these the 1 D and 3 J’s!

  1. Darren (My Trainer)
  2. Jo (My Observation)
  3. Jason (My Mentor)
  4. Jayne (My Assessor)

Each one of these individuals has been knowledgeable, guiding, supportive, open, sharing and gracious to me.  Their individual nuances in how they deliver, support and train has given me a wealth of ideas, concepts and tools to utilise during the course (whilst all of them consistently saying…refer to the manual!)

Darren’s ability to manage, make us feel comfortable and include all of  us “Newbies” was spot of training.  Jo’s ability, skill and style was superb to observe and how she managed that group was, dare I say a masterclass.

Jayne’s professionalism, acute eye for detail and yet her open and supportive feedback was brilliant.  And Jason, well, he spent the most one to one time on me, and without his style, approach and detailed feedback, I wouldn’t have been ready to deliver effectively to Jayne or those clients today.

Each one of them, assisting me and building on each others direction, without engaging with each other was excellent.  All of them show, subconsciously how important this role and responsibility is and how consciously they all inform and “teach” with easy and accessible styles, for me as an experienced trainer, was humbling.

I would also like to note colleagues such as Louise Norman, Leo, and the IT support team, who have been there when I have had issues with clients etc. or if I had a question. Invaluable!

It really is heartening that you have so many great team players who really imbue and represent what the ethos is of TTC and I have nothing but admiration for being able to recruit staff that can reflect that and give others a great experience of the company.

Anyway, as I said, Credit where Credit is due and I know most feedback we get is complaints, so I wanted to “turn left at the traffic lights” and feedback the positives.

Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for the experience and I for one am looking forward to working with these great colleagues in the future and continuing their great work when I am delivering courses and supporting clients.

Andy Wheeler

Andy Wheeler, TTC Group Training Director (pictured) said:

“I am really delighted to receive this feedback from David. The whole team within training department across the group work really hard to deliver a great experience for our consultant trainers and provide advice and guidance where we can.

“We recognise that our trainers are the face of the business and having well motivated trainers delivering a variety of engaging courses gives us a win win situation. Not only do we receive great feedback from our delegates but our trainers appreciate the opportunity to deliver a variety of different training courses across the group as well.”

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