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TTC helps Willmott Dixon halve driver offences and own-fault claims

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Construction firm renews contract for end-to-end fleet compliance and driver training following highly successful three-year partnership

The UK’s leading independent construction and property services company, Willmott Dixon Group, has announced a new three-year partnership with the training and compliance experts TTC. Since the beginning of Willmott Dixon and TTC’s collaboration in 2021, the number of driver-related own-fault insurance claims has fallen by 51%, while new offences committed by fleet drivers reduced 46%.

The reduction in incidents is set against an increase in both the number of drivers employed by Willmott Dixon and the total mileage they have driven, with the company managing more than 3,000 vehicles in its fleet, including grey fleet vehicles. Furthermore, 99% of Willmott Dixon drivers are now licence, MOT and insurance compliant.

“We were committed to initiating a company-wide culture of driver risk awareness, placing safety at the forefront of drivers’ minds across our fleet. Simultaneously, we wanted to reduce our overall business carbon emissions by running a more sustainable fleet. However, we quickly realised we needed expert support to meet these ambitions,” explains Mark French, Chief Health, Safety and Environmental Officer for Willmott Dixon Group. “Embracing TTC’s end-to-end fleet risk management expertise, which starts with conducting the necessary driver checks, through to monitoring driver behaviour and then delivering personalised training, has been instrumental in our success in educating our drivers and proactively switching to greener mobility options.”

TTC’s unique risk management platform, Continuum, delivers live driver data and visual dashboards, providing clear visibility and more accurate real-time insights into individual driving behaviour, as well as trends across the fleet. With data able to be interrogated more accurately and instantly, ‘hot spots’ are identified, and effective risk management strategies can be employed rapidly. Willmott Dixon is now not only proactively monitoring its drivers and predicting who needs some level of intervention, but also providing training for the benefit of the business and its drivers.

Mark French continued: “Continuum allows us to identify when an individual may benefit from additional online training, such as addressing speeding concerns, but it also helps those who may benefit from getting more familiar with driving a commercial or electric vehicle. The elearning has proven extremely successful, and take up has been excellent throughout, on both optional and mandatory courses. By working hand-in-hand with our Fleet Compliance Manager, Sareen Dhillon, TTC has adapted both its risk management platform and its training programmes to meet our specific needs, creating a bespoke solution that is easy for us to navigate. Sareen Dhillon winning the Brake award for 2023 Road Risk Manager of the Year is a testament to the progress we have made together, and will continue to make in the coming years.”

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