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FORS Safe Urban Driving for Hanson UK HGV drivers

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TTC Group delivers FORS professional Safe Urban Driving courses to Hanson UK HGV driver workforce

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Hanson UK takes its responsibilities in managing Work Related Road Risk very seriously and as part of this commitment to protect vulnerable road users it is putting its HGV workforce of over 500 drivers through a Safe Urban Driver training course before the end of 2021.

Hanson UK commissioned TTC Group to deliver FORS Professional Safe Urban Driving courses across six different UK locations which started on 9 July in Chester.

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Hanson UK Case Study

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Find out more about how TTC Group is supporting Hanson UK in their commitment to protect vulnerable road users, delivering FORS PRofessional Safe Urban Driving courses to its HGV workforce of over 500 drivers.

HGV drivers attend the seven-hour course with half the time spent in the classroom and the other half on two wheels experiencing what it is really like to cycle in an urban area alongside other road users and pedestrians.

The aim is to promote considerate and responsible driving practices amongst its workforce when they are in towns and cities so its trucks can more safely co-exist with pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users.

Hansen Vulnerable Road User Course

The classroom time is spent by drivers familiarising them with the changing streetscape in urban areas, understanding how vulnerable road users interact with traffic, defensive driving techniques, and making sure they know how to get the very best from all their supplementary truck safety features.

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Hanson UK is a decade-long FORS Gold member and CLOCS champion.

Annie Green, Hanson UK’s Quality & Compliance Manager said: “Despite the current surge in demand for cement and aggregates products, safety is at the heart of everything we do as a business. Continuing to invest in the professional development of our drivers provides us with peace of mind that they are equipped to deal with their daily urban driving challenges.”

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