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TTC chosen by NDORS to develop elearning courses

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The next generation of online education courses for seat belt and cycling offences have been announced by UKROEd – and TTC has been selected by NDORS to develop the programmes

They are designed to raise awareness and encourage people to make positive changes in behaviour. Thousands of offenders have been referred to them, successfully completing the courses as an alternative to prosecution.

The new contracts were signed in September 2018 and are for a minimum of three years, running to a maximum of seven years.

TTC is currently developing the courses after being awarded the contract following successful completion of a compliant procurement process.

Members of the UKROEd Course Development Unit (CDU) have provided a high-level specification to the team at TTC Group, with details of learning objectives and outcomes. At present, both courses are in the design stage, with storyboarding expected during December and a first prototype of the courses available by the end of January.

UKROEd chief operations officer Ruth Purdie explained that the courses had received widespread support since they were first introduced.

“The seat belt and cycle courses are unique in the line-up of NDORS courses because they are the only ones that can currently be completed online, without the need for classroom attendance. Their purpose has always been to encourage clients to change their behaviour and in the process to become safer road users,” she said.

Dr Fiona Fylan, who heads the UKROEd Course Development Unit, said: “It is important for members of the CDU team to work closely with the developers to ensure our courses make use of the strongest evidence on behaviour change. Having looked closely at the current courses, we have proposed a range of updates. These are now well under way, and we are excited to see the new iterations as we work towards the go-live date in 2019.”

Andy Wheeler, TTC Group business development director, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by UKROEd to produce the online courses. We have a proven track record in developing on-road behavioural change education programmes and access to a wide pool of experienced courseware specialists such as our partners Walkgrove Limited.

The new courses will be available to all forces to adopt and are expected to come online in spring 2019.

Further update will follow from time to time and UKROEd will be working with the contractors and Police forces to enable the transition.

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