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40% reduction in fleet incidents for NLB

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The Northern Lighthouse Board reduces the number of fleet incidents by almost 40%

23rd January 2024 – The Northern Light Board (NLB), the General Lighthouse Authority for the waters surrounding Scotland and the Isle of Man, has regained nearly three weeks’ worth of management working hours and reduced the number of driver incidents on the road by 40% through a new partnership with road safety expert, TTC.

NLB manages a considerable number of commercial vehicle and grey fleet drivers, including around 170 engineers, technicians, mariners, retained lightkeepers and office staff. Safeguarding drivers against being involved in incidents on the road has always been of paramount importance. However, recognising the opportunity to surpass its level of employee protection, NLB now embraces TTC’s licence checking, risk assessment and training services as a matter of course. 

NLB provides a vital safety service for mariners in its waters. It is responsible for the superintendence and management of 208 lighthouses and 174 buoys and beacons, significantly contributing to the prevention of accidents and incidents around its coastline. As such, NLB is safeguarding not only lives and property, but also its precious marine environment. Some employees perform their NLB role part-time, often alongside another occupation such as farming, fishing or emergency services, and can be required to work and drive on remote terrain and in perilous weather conditions. 

“The relationship with TTC kick-started with a 40-point Risk Assessment for every employee driving on behalf of NLB,” Trish Donaldson, Compliance Officer at The Northern Lighthouse Board. “This enabled us to identify potential risky driving behaviour and knowledge gaps, and provide eLearning based on the needs of individual employees. The assessment will be repeated every two years, allowing us to better monitor and manage driver risk and improve safety for our employees and those they serve.”

“In addition to ticking the compliance and risk assessment boxes, TTC’s training supports NLB drivers with relevant training courses. This provides a holistic approach to always keeping our drivers safe,” adds Lynn Armstrong, Human Resources Manager at The Northern Lighthouse Board. 

The automation of licence checking with TTC has significantly improved efficiencies and NLB has regained almost three working weeks of time. Non-UK licences are also now automatically checked and verified for compliance. Checks and regular eLearning are available to employees through TTC’s end-to-end driver risk management tool, Continuum, which also sends prompts to manage outstanding driver tasks.

Jim Kirkwood, CEO of TTC commented: “Working together we are helping NLB to not only meet its statutory requirements but also radically reduce the chances of its employees being involved in dangerous incidents while on the move. As an end-to-end solution, TTC actively provides intervention solutions, rather than just identifying problems: Continuum highlights issues when they arise and puts training in place to develop skills and greater understanding of the importance of being a responsible driver. We look forward to developing our partnership further in future, bringing a wider range of solutions to deliver greater benefits to NLB and its employees, strengthening its ability to conduct vital safety services as a General Lighthouse Authority.”

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