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Snakes and monkeys cause driver concern on UK roads

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Snakes and monkeys proved to be one of the top concerns for a foreign driver set to take to the UK’s roads.

The concern, expressed by a southeast Asia driver, was raised during one of Licence Bureau’s new online training courses for fleets – MyUK – designed to help foreign drivers stay safe on UK roads.

‘I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing when they asked how we manage snakes and monkeys on the roads here in the UK. It certainly raised a smile and provided some light relief from the more serious side of preparing foreign drivers on how to tackle our UK road network,’ explained Licence Bureau’s training and sales manager, Martin Starkey.

He continued, ‘The mention actually highlighted a pertinent analogy relevant to driver training – like the game Snakes and Ladders. The aim being to continuously climb the ladders to keep safety high on the agenda, whilst avoiding the snakes and allowing standards to slip.’

Licence Bureau’s MyUK is an online foreign driver familiarisation course delivered via Cisco WebEx. The online format allows individuals to access the interactive course from the comfort of their PC, in real time, from all corners of the world.

The two-hour course is designed especially for foreign drivers that are either new to driving in the UK or are currently working for a company based abroad and are about to start working (and driving) in the UK. This is particularly relevant to the increasing number of parcel delivery companies who employ foreign drivers to deliver their goods to homes and businesses.

The course covers topics including: road classification; speed limits; driving and the law; driving etiquette; roundabouts, approaches and signalling; re-fuelling, bus lanes, UK weather and much more.

Importantly the course supports companies who have a responsibility for their employees’ duty of care while they are driving a company vehicle.

‘Driving in the UK can be a daunting and scary experience for someone who hasn’t done it before or who has been in the country for just a few weeks,’ explained Martin. ‘MyUK equips drivers with the best knowledge possible, so that risk is reduced and they feel comfortable and confident from the minute they get behind the wheel in the UK.’

Courses cater for up to 12 delegates at one time and are charged at £39 per driver.

For more information on MyUK or Licence Bureau’s portfolio of driver training courses, contact: Martin Starkey on 07938 379101 or email

If you would just like to know about how any of our services could help meet your organisation’s objectives, drop us a line.

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