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Roadside Eyesight Test Failures

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A new system, brought about by the DVLA and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), will speed up the processing of roadside eyesight test failures by electronically notifying the DVLA and issuing motorists with a Licence revocation notice within hours rather than days.

All motorists are required by law to be able to correctly read a number plate from 20 metres away.

Motorists who can’t will have their Licence revoked and not returned until they can demonstrate that their eyesight meets the required standard. The roadside eyesight tests will only be carried out in daylight.

Nearly a third of Britain’s motorists do not meet the legal standard of eyesight to drive, motorists with inadequate eyesight are responsible for around 2,900 casualties every year, costing £33million. These startling results come from a report commissioned by insurance company RSA.

Michael Reed Marketing Director at Licence Bureau Ltd commented, “It’s blindingly obvious drivers should all undergo regular eye sight tests. At Licence Bureau we are actively raising this issue. We currently link with Specsavers to offer our clients vouchers in relation to improving drivers vision, raising awareness of this issue and making our roads a safer environment for all.”

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