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What makes TTC so special?

TTC Academy training

National demand for NDORS course delivery is at an all-time high. How can you help to meet that demand and secure more training delivery opportunities with TTC?

As the largest NDORS Provider throughout the UK, we have a responsibility to offer those referred for driving offences by our Police Forces a comprehensive choice of course dates, times and formats. With a number of NDORS Providers currently operating throughout the UK, each offering varying levels of pay, support, and course availability, we have taken current feedback from NDORS trainers that deliver on behalf of multiple Providers to consider the benefits of delivering NDORS courses with TTC.

Size really does matter

Size matters

As the largest NDORS Provider throughout the UK, TTC now delivers NDORS courses on behalf of 15 Forces, covering England, Scotland and Wales, from the southern-most tip of Lands End, way up to the most northern reaches of John O’Groats. Once registered and approved to deliver courses for TTC, you will immediately gain visibility of course availability in any of our contract regions, as well as online course delivery nationally.

Trailblazing the return to classroom


Feedback from clients continues to evidence that there is a clear appetite to complete NDORS courses in a classroom environment. Whilst demand for online course provision also remains high, especially amongst some demographics, what TTC is now looking for from our trainer community is a more blended approach to course schedules, planning ahead to commit to a balanced mix of classroom and online courses.

Ben Davies, Head of Operational Delivery (pictured) commented: 

“Whilst the classroom and online course structures are largely identical, we recognise that there are some subtle timing differences, as well as differing skill sets required for facilitating group activities in Zoom and in larger classroom groups.

“It is important that our trainers maintain experience and remain confident in delivering a blend of online and classroom courses to our clients.  We will offer support to anyone that feels rusty and out of practice when delivering classroom courses. 

“Returning to the classroom is a great opportunity to catch-up with your colleagues, some of whom you might not have seen face-to-face for a couple of years.  The two-trainer delivery model for classrooms provides a far richer, social side to NDORS provision, with those trainers that have already returned to the classroom able to offer their own support and experience.”

Ben Davies

Keeping it simple

Keep it simple

TTC understands the importance of cutting red tape and unnecessary paperwork, so you can focus on what’s most important… course delivery!

We have made significant investment in our IT capabilities to ensure that how TTC engages with our trainer community, how we schedule courses, and critically, how you get paid are all straight-forward and easy to understand. Our course delivery packs are all securely accessible online, with clear, transparent communication with every trainer whenever anything changes, or when a new feature is made available in the Alaska platform.

We take the frustration out of IT

Frustrated with IT

We all learned a huge amount through the pandemic, where more and more services fully moved online, including NDORS course delivery. From the range of different course delivery platforms available, TTC selected Zoom as out preferred solution, as we believe it to be a far superior platform that Microsoft Teams.

From a trainer perspective, Zoom offers a far better set of tools to help manage clients online, simplifying the client registration and waiting room process. The client does not need to register an account with Zoom either, eliminating the many associated challenges of clients attempting to join an online course through other, less effective platforms.

Zoom also allows all clients to be clearly displayed and engaged with, all on a single screen, removing the need for additional trainer devices running side-by-side. Zoom also makes far better use of your existing hardware and broadband connection, avoiding unnecessary and often expensive IT upgrades to your own equipment.

We buy your Zoom licence, so you don’t have to

Save money on Zoom

One of the key differences between how TTC manages the use of Zoom, when compared to other Providers is that TTC centrally buys and manages every trainer Zoom licence. We carry out all of the user configuration so that every trainer Zoom account is identical and ready for course delivery.

TTC also manages the creation of each Zoom course. We deal with all of the client joining instructions and centrally email the client’s course link 24-hours prior to their course. TTC also has a dedicated IT support team that clients can contact immediately prior to their course start time, should technical issues be experienced, taking the pressure away from the trainer. We fix 95% of client technical problems, ensuring that the client successfully joins the Zoom waiting room, ready for you to start each course.

Find that work / life balance

Work Life Balance

With an extensive range of NDORS course dates and start times for you to simply allocate using Alaska’s in-built availability calendar, you are in full control of how many courses you deliver, up to three courses in a day. Finding the work / life balance is key to maintaining your health and wellbeing. TTC offer courses 7-days a week, including evenings and weekends, allowing trainers to tailor their work schedule to align with other commitments and priorities.

Many trainers are preferring to select a blend of online and classroom courses, across different NDORS Schemes each month, helping to ensure they maintain experience of delivering each course. TTC is also committed formally monitoring you for each course type and format that you are licensed to deliver, each year.

Variety is the very spice of life

Assortment of cup cakes

You did know that TTC don’t just offer Speed Awareness courses…right? Like the best things in life, like ice cream and cup cakes, TTC’s courses come in a variety of interesting flavours too.

TTC currently delivers more than 50 different types of learning interventions, ranging from classroom-style workshops, online virtual classrooms, practical and on-road coaching.

In addition to our core Police NDORS course delivery with courses delivered to more than 500,000 drivers and riders each year, we offer a range of other police or court referred courses, including the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme and our more recent Out-of-Court Disposals, such as the Alcohol Education and Victim Awareness courses.

TTC’s Driver CPC course delivery will continue to grow, ready for a major drive in 2023 and 2024 to meet Driver CPC demand for professional truck and coach drivers who will all need to ensure that they have completed 35-hours of Driver CPC.

As we manage driver risk and compliance for more commercial organisation with our Continuum platform, demand for post-test fleet and driver skills training will also continue to increase throughout the UK, helping those that drive for work to become safer, more responsible drivers.

Join the academy

Never Stop Learning on notepad

Whether a seasoned NDORS trainer, corporate fleet trainer, or recently joined TTC’s trainer community, TTC’s Trainer Academy offers learning and development programmes to ensure each trainer has the necessary skills and experience to deliver engaging, professional driver training. Starting with induction, mentoring and one-to-one support from experienced colleagues, the TTC Trainer Academy also provides career development tracks to gain insight and experiences in other training areas across the TTC Group, including Drink Drive, Driver CPC and Out of Court Disposal courses.

It is never too late to develop new skills, so why not join the TTC Trainer Academy and find out how many more opportunities there are to deliver a more diverse range of training opportunities.

Regional management support

Management support

TTC offers full regional management support to our trainer communities, with a friendly, professional structure in place to ensure you are fully supported and have somebody to talk to and provide guidance when required. As well as working alongside you to monitor and observe quality assurance and best practice in your course delivery, our regional management support also includes local CPD opportunities, designed around trainer feedback and requests to cover specific content. Recent examples included CPD modules delivered by The Royal National Institute For Deaf People.

We also support you through each UKROEd licensing programme, as well as ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions whenever new or revised Schemes are introduced, ensuring you are fully prepared for course delivery, both online and in classroom.

TTC also runs monthly health and wellbeing webinars, inviting subject specialists to help broaden our understanding of how we can all stay well and healthy. Each webinar is recorded and made available throughout our trainer communities to watch at a suitable time. As well as speaking with your colleagues, our regional managers and assistant regional managers are specially trained and skilled in promoting wellbeing. We’re here to offer support, should you ever need somebody to talk to.

Fed up of admin?  We have an App for that!

TTC Trainer App

The Alaska ‘Trainer App’ centralises all administrative tasks, allowing our trainers to easily manage their availability, course administration and generate invoices in real time 24 hours a day. The App’s dashboard allows trainers to view upcoming courses, recently completed courses and any outstanding tasks such as digital registers that need submitting.

Trainers are allocated courses via the ‘Trainer App’ based on their specified availability, which can be digitally accepted and viewed within the trainer availability calendar. Ahead of delivering a course trainers can view the list of delegates due to attend, plus any special requirements, such as interpreters or hearing loops.

Trainers can also specify their working radius and upcoming availability within the App, which work as filters, only offering courses matching the trainer’s own criteria.

Pre-populated digital invoices can be submitted with the click of a button each month, reducing the administrative burden and expediting the whole payment process, so you get paid as quickly as possible.

So what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Joining TTC couldn’t be any easier. Whether you already hold an NDORS trainer licence and are looking to secure more work, or you are new to the NDORS industry and are looking to make a positive career change, now is a perfect time to join.

If you would just like to know about how any of our services could help meet your organisation’s objectives, drop us a line.

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