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Fleet sector praised for focus on driver compliance

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Licence Bureau has heaped praise upon vehicle fleet operators for their unwavering focus on driver safety and compliance despite the myriad of Covid-19 pandemic related business challenges.

The month of July saw Licence Bureau break its own record for the number of licence checks carried out in a single month with some 85,000 checks complete. And the UK’s number one supplier of Driver Licence validation services believes it is testament to a growing awareness and focus from fleet operators to ensure they and their drivers are fully compliant, especially during such changing times.

Steve Pinchen
Sales Director, Licence Bureau

‘July has been an incredible month which has seen us break our own records for the number of Driver Licence checks processed in a single month. It is a great sign that businesses continue to embrace road safety compliance and, even when faced with such challenging times in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it remains at the top of their business priorities,’ explained Steve Pinchen, sales director, Licence Bureau.

The uplift in the number of licence checks processed also reflects Licence Bureau’s continued rise to prominence across the sector. Recently released Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) figures highlighted how during the 2019-2020 fiscal year Licence Bureau strengthened its position as the UK’s number one supplier of Driver Licence validation services.

During the period, it experienced a 26.3% increase in the number of licence checks carried out, increasing its market share by one per cent. The business now supports more than one-fifth of the sector. Another significant breakthrough also saw Licence Bureau become the first driver licence checking authority to undertake 200,000 checks in a quarter.

Steve said, ‘We had a fantastic 2019-2020 with business growth across a number of key markers and some outstanding results. It’s testament to the people, processes and systems we have in place that we continue to develop year-on-year.’

‘Our acquisition by TTC Group in March has really served to act as further impetus for the team and, despite all the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has and continues to present for all, we are starting to see just what is possible with our combined resource.’

Together, Licence Bureau and TTC Group support more than 70% of UK’s top 10 leasing operations with their compliance and risk management strategies.

TTC Group, CEO, Jim Kirkwood, said, ‘It’s great to see such fantastic results for Licence Bureau – and great to see the fleet industry really embracing compliance.

‘With the great Licence Bureau brand now under the TTC Group umbrella we look forward to leveraging our synergies further to take road risk management and safety to a whole new level.’

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Licence Bureau is now part of the TTC Group