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Licence Bureau partners with Company car in action to spread compliance message

Partnership with Company Car in Action

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Company Car in Action (CCIA) is one of the UK’s premier annual driving events for fleet managers and company car drivers and Licence Bureau has managed licence checking at the event held at Millbrook, Bedfordshire for the past three years.

Bauer Media is a responsible organisation and is committed to ensuring that all the 1,000 visitors to the two-day show are compliant to drive the vehicles laid on by the car makers.

That’s where we came in. Many of the show visitors were already equipped ready to drive but 80 visitors had left their documents at home and we were tasked with checking their details before they were allowed to drive. This included checking some foreign licences and phoning the DVLA to request a licence check code.

All of those 80 drivers were only too happy to have their licences checked prior to driving, plus we got to speak to a number of small and large fleets about the priority of running a compliance when running company vehicles. The most common areas we discussed were:

  1. Knowing who drives
  2. That you are responsible for all drivers whether issued a car or not
  3. That the licence check is just a small part of the safety and compliance journey
  4. That driver awareness is key
  5. Policies and process must be in place

Generally the awareness within the fleet industry about compliance has risen enormously but where gaps in knowledge, process and application are most frequent is within the small fleet sector where there is seldom an owner of the vehicle and people compliance process.

“Our investment in time at events like CCIA as the UK’s largest licence check provider is vital in helping educate those smaller fleets of the importance of starting to prioritise compliance as a daily focus rather than a once in a blue moon occurrence,” explained Malcolm Maycock, managing director of Licence Bureau.

“It enables us to put something back into the fleet industry and if we have helped just one company during those two days it’s been a worthwhile investment in time,” he added.

“It’s important for us that the industry is helping support all fleets in becoming 100% compliant in the way they run their vehicles. We know the challenges faced by smaller companies in particular and we are pleased that by working with a partner such as Licence Bureau we are doing our bit at CCIA each year to help further spread the compliance message,” said Stephen Briers, editor of Fleet News.

CCIA Front Desk Day Two
Sophie Graham at CCIA Front Desk

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