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Licence Bureau is advocating fleet operators and business drivers adopt a ‘road-health’ mind-set as increasing volumes of vehicles return to the UK’s roads as travel restrictions start to ease.

As businesses across the UK start to ramp-up operations and road traffic volumes rise, Licence Bureau is advising fleet managers to continue to enact on the ‘new norms’ of social distancing and increased awareness surrounding mental health, and encourage employees to ensure both are considerations when getting back behind the wheel for leisure or work.

Last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week (18 – 24 May 2020), themed Kindness, was a pertinent reminder of how amongst all the formalities of compliance and duty of care sits a very simple human trait, that should be encouraged across all business operations including driving for work. And that consideration for others, believes Licence Bureau, should be reflected in all areas of road behaviours which could prove of significant benefit to any organisation.

‘Here at Licence Bureau, we’ve coined a new term – Road Health – to reflect how a combination of social distancing and the ever increasing profile of mental health awareness really could benefit business drivers,’ explained Steve Pinchen, sales director, Licence Bureau.

He continued, ‘It ultimately boils down to fleet operators ensuring they cover off the softer side of compliance by ensuring the right cultures are ingrained amongst drivers to ensure a greater focus on good driving behaviours and safety.’

Licence Bureau suggests the current ‘new norm’ of social distancing, for example, can be carried over as simply giving other road users more space, whilst mental health awareness relates to simple courteous driving practices while also understanding the possible pressures other road users are under.

‘Both are simple things but, encouraged across the board and done well, can generate significant change for the better within any business,’ said Steve.

As road risk compliance specialists, Licence Bureau is continuing to support fleet operators and business drivers to ensure they are COVID-19 Secure and fully conversant with the UK government’s recovery strategy guidance.

Steve said, ‘Our approach to road health encourages businesses to truly consider their drivers’ all-round mental health and wellbeing, and seriously consider which future engagements can continue to be managed remotely or what other forms of mobility might offer the greatest returns.

‘If anything has become clear in recent times, it is that one size does not fit all and people continue to be the primary differentiator of success for any business operation – so create cultures that look after them and that they can be involved in because the all-round benefits are there to be had.’

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