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Demonstration of “Permit to Drive” in Compliance Managed Services

Licence Bureau says it will relaunch its compliance managed services (CMS) web portal at the CV Show (NEC, 26—28 April) but with a Permits to Drive feature.

The fleet licence checking and compliance management software provider explains that the new feature will allow driving documents to be added for each driver to, issuing a Permit to Drive only when he or she meets the necessary criteria for the vehicles they operate.

Drivers not granted a Permit to Drive will be notified automatically and advised on what they need to do – and fleet managers will see alerts.

Malcolm Maycock, managing director of Licence Bureau, explains that fleet managers will use the CMS dashboard to view which employees have consented to being audited and, of those, who does not hold the necessary permit.

“Permits to Drive is an additional layer of compliance to help fleets ensure they fulfil duty of care responsibilities to all drivers,” states Maycock.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating Permits to Drive, and our comprehensive compliance package as a whole, to the commercial vehicle world in April,” he adds.

Meanwhile, as the FTA (Freight Transport Association) approved licence checking partner, Licence Bureau’s CMS portal will also launch a Tachograph feature soon after the CV Show, allowing fleets to analyse working hours of drivers operating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

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