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16-10-12-fleet-survey-report-technologyTechnology alone is not a panacea for road safety; safe driver behaviour and risk management policies and procedures are essential within fleets. Yet technology can form a vital part of the road risk management mix, and greatly aid safe driving, vehicles and journeys.

The results of this survey suggest that many companies could go further, and learn from good practice by others, in taking full advantage of safety technology available. An analysis of these results reveals that there is no correlation between fleet size and the level of fleet safety technology used. A smaller fleet is just as likely to have a wide array of safety technology compared to a larger fleet. Companies can access further advice on a range of road risk management topics by joining Brake Professional at

SMEs can get advice using Brake’s free toolkit at

About this report

138 fleet managers completed the survey, 131 of whom were UK-based. Respondents manage nearly 26,000 vehicles and 40,000 employees driving for work. The results cannot be generalised to the entire at-work driving fleet, but rather can be used to explore the technology used on fleets and can give an opportunity for benchmarking.

The size of the fleets varied: the smallest were single-vehicle operators; the largest had over 2,000 vehicles. The average fleet size was 186 vehicles. Most fleets contain a variety of types of vehicles. The exception, apart from the smallest fleets of only a handful of vehicles, is a few larger car-only fleets.

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