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BRAKE Fleet Survey Report – Driver Distraction

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16-10-12-fleet-survey-report-distractionsBrake provides guidance for fleet managers to help them manage their road risk through its Fleet Safety Forum. This report contains results of a Brake survey of fleets’ management of driver distraction, and gives guidance on reducing associated risks.

220 organisations responded to this survey of fleets, operating fleets of all sizes and vehicle types, and responsible for thousands of drivers and vehicles around the globe. Respondents included subscribers and non-subscribers to Brake’s Fleet Safety Forum.

For fleet drivers, driving is likely to be the most dangerous activity they do on a daily basis. Even a momentary lapse in concentration can have devastating consequences. Distractions such as mobile phones are proven to severely impair driving ability, causing slower reaction times and difficulty controlling speed and lane position.2 Other distractions such as eating and drinking, adjusting controls and smoking also increase crash risk.

Previous surveys by Brake have found that large numbers of at-work drivers – more than non-work drivers – admit using a mobile phone at the wheel to call or text and admit to driving while stressed. Managing distractions should therefore be a priority for fleet managers.

View the report in full.

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