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As GDPR surpasses one-year anniversary compliance challenges continue

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Steve Pinchen, Sales Director, Licence Bureau

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), a little over 12 months ago, continues to create compliance challenges for businesses as a lack of understanding and willingness to follow formal procedures proliferates.

According to Licence Bureau, in the wake of the GDPR rules introduced on 25 May 2018, the past 12 months have proved ‘one of the most challenging years to date’ for businesses across the UK as they have continued to adapt to new policies and processes.

The UK’s number one supplier of driver licence validation services claims that the challenges of transitioning policies to align with the new regulations has been compounded by the exponential growth in grey fleet – a growing sector of which continues to be home delivery operators who operate what Licence Bureau describes as ‘loose’ contracts.

The introduction of the worldwide harmonised light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) on 1 September 2018 has also, according to Licence Bureau, played a contributory role in creating what it describes as a ‘muddle’ within the driver and vehicle compliance sector.

‘A little over 12 months on from the introduction of GDPR, compounded by the changes that have occurred subsequent to it, and many businesses continue to come to terms with the associated new policies and processes,’ explained Steve Pinchen, sales director, Licence Bureau. ‘Although most businesses and their employees have successfully transitioned to meet these new policy requirements, there remains a considerable number who are cause for concern – the greatest challenges associated with grey fleet.’

Steve continued, ‘Grey fleet really is the biggest issue affecting compliance right now and is growing all the time.’

Licence Bureau believes the compliance challenge is divided into three clear categories: company car; cash alternative; and private drivers – each presenting their own level of risk.

‘Private drivers are the greatest grey fleet challenge and present the highest risk to businesses,’ said Steve. ‘Typically, this demographic is either working on ‘loose’ contracts, or only undertake sporadic journeys. Therefore management falls into the ‘no one owns it’ category – a real headache for businesses and an area most drivers themselves are either unaware of or unwilling to engage on.

‘However, negligence is not an excuse and businesses need to do everything within their powers to ensure this category of risk is covered.’

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