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Kieren Tickner - Openreach

2021 Road Risk Manager of the Year

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Kieren Tickner, Road Risk Manager of the Year 2021

It’s Licence Bureau’s great pleasure to announce that the winner of this year’s Road Risk Manager of the Year Award is Kieren Tickner from Openreach for his unwavering commitment to reducing road risk for Openreach’s 33,000 drivers.

Kieren works with countless managers on a one-to-one basis, educating them on how to manage road risk and their drivers. His hands-on, proactive approach has delivered tangible safety benefits and his colleagues credit him with changing how people at Openreach view road risk and instilling within them a desire to manage this risk.

The judges were particularly impressed to see an equal focus on working with managers as well as drivers and praised Kieren for introducing targeted initiatives that have resulted in measurable collision reductions.

The judges would also like to commend Mick Kiely from TES2000 Ltd as a close runner-up for this award.

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