Voi E-scooter Safe Riding Skills programme 2022

Case Study | December 2022

TTC Group | Voi training delivery

TTC Group delivers Voi E-scooter Safe Riding Skills programme.

Voi Technology, the UK and Europe’s leading micromobility company, are working in partnership with TTC Group, the UK’s foremost road safety education and training company.

TTC has hosted Voi’s e-scooter safe riding skills events across the country in 2022.  TTC’s educational mission aligns with Voi’s vision to create better cities for living, by putting safety first.

Case Study

Find out more about how TTC Group is supporting Voi's e-scooter trials across nine cities, as part of Voi's tri-part
approach to safety through Education, Operations and Technology.

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TTC Group | Voi e-scooter case study

Since April 2022, we’ve delivered 50 e-scooter safe riding skills events in nine cities reaching more than 1,100 riders. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from those who have attended these hands-on, informative sessions.

Louise Elstone TTC Product Manager, TTC Group