Mobile App

TTC Continuum's Mobile App for driving behaviour, telematics, vehicle condition checks and expense management

Why choose TTC's Mobile App?

Our market-leading Mobile App delivers the following benefits:

  • Makes use of the driver’s smartphone
    Android & iOS app versions (4G, Wi-Fi)
  • No additional hardware required
  • Monitors driver behaviour and events through telematics, such as excessive speed and allocates eLearning
  • Contains expense management feature
  • Vehicle condition reporting feature
  • Data synchronised with Driver Risk Profile and stored within the TTC Continuum platform
    Configurable to recognise work-related and personal journeys

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Find out how TTC Continuum can improve your driver & fleet risk management.

Driver App reduces management time of your fleet

  1. Driver behaviour and ‘targeted' learning

    Driver App records the driver’s on-road behaviour to deliver personalised learning to improve driving skills.

    Various driving events are recorded due to excessive speed, braking or cornering, for example, which will automatically trigger a relevant elearning ‘intervention.’ 

  2. Journey and travel expense management

    Driver App reduces the administration burden of managing business travel expenses both for the driver and managers.

    It provides tracking of staff journeys as either work-related or personal making it easier for expense management.

  3. Management of your fleet’s vehicle condition

    Driver App you can manage all your fleet’s vehicle condition and maintenance from one user interface.

    It quickly provides visibility of vehicle issues, such as illegal tyres, and the remedial action by directing drivers to preferred suppliers for maintenance or new parts to be ordered.

Continuum’s suite of services provides the complete lifecycle of compliance, administration and driver risk management. Developing safer driver behaviours with one easy to use interface.