Driver & Fleet Risk Audits

Even the best-run fleets have room for improvement.

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Why choose Continuum's Driver & Fleet Risk Audits?

Our market-leading driver and fleet risk audits deliver a comprehensive range of results and advantages to businesses, including:

  • Our driver and fleet experts work with you to achieve

    your objectives

  • Risk audit and report enables prioritised decision making to improve overall company risk management

  • Strategic review of your organisation’s fleet policy

    Recommendations to mitigate risk, reduce fleet costs and work smarter

  • Enables direction and a catalyst for change making

    compliance part of everyday life

  • ISO:39001 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems

    accredited services

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How will audits help your business?

The outcome of each audit will provide a current view and risk rating for the business in the event of a serious road collision, and what mitigation can be deployed to reduce risk and improve driver safety.

The audit report will offer practical recommendations to the senior leadership within your business to help drive improvements to risk management and compliance.

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Our Driver & Fleet Management Risk Audits are an essential starting point for any business embarking upon a risk management programme or reviewing existing policies, processes and working practices.

Our audits provide a risk rating of work-related road safety, fully aligned to our ISO:39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System.